The Prolifigate Presidency

Palm Beach, Fla. Mayor Paulette Burdick says that using local law enforcement to protect President Donald Trump during his frequent trips to his Mar-a-Lago estate “means the local taxpayers will have to bear the added burden of being part of the security for the president of the United States,” according to CNN.

“It will either be cuts or increase in taxes,” Burdick told the network. Palm Beach’s sheriff’s department told CNN that it costs roughly $60,000 in overtime per day when the president is in town, even with a Secret Service detail. CBS reports, based off figures from a similar trip by former President Barack Obama, that Trump’s first three visits to Mar-a-Lago cost about $10 million in total.

Trump is additionally spending this weekend at the private club, his fifth visit to the resort since taking office. The administration has not commented on the exact cost of Trump’s visits.

We’re not quite yet to the 60 day mark of this remarkably dissolute presidency and the bills keep piling up: $148 million a year to keep Melania (Secret Service codename: Thank Gawd He’ s Outta The House) “safe” in Trump Towers, and now the (approximate) $140 million per annum costs of OMP flying down to Mar-a-Lago to golf every weekend.

And dollars to diamonds OMP was seriously confused and upset upon reading about his declining approvable ratings this morning: “Thirty seven percent?! How can that be? Everyone loves me!”

Jebus H. Kerist! We’ve got another 1400 days of this buffoon?

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