A Painful Truth

Thus a painful truth for those patriotic Americans who oppose Donald Trump: He will not be impeached. His son’s emails basically admitting collusion with Russia will ultimately mean little if anything.

Why is this?

Because there is likely no amount of empirical evidence or facts that will turn the Republican Party and its supporters against President Trump. He is a tool for accomplishing the Republican Party’s goals of giving more money to the very richest Americans, punishing poor and working-class people, destroying the commons and the social safety net, creating a Christian theocracy, undermining the middle class, giving corporations full control over the country, destroying the environment, taking away women’s control over their own bodies, abusing Muslims, and denying the civil rights, freedom and equal citizenship of African-Americans and other people of color. In all, the Republican Party, its voters and the right-wing media have chosen political power over loyalty to country. In that context, Russia’s meddling in our presidential election to put Donald Trump in the White House is but a means to an end.

We find this depressingly accurate.

Worse, as we’ve mentioned elsewhere, Bob Mueller’s final report may well make no recommendation. Put another way, Mueller may identify and tut-tut a whole raft of ‘questionable’ behavior by OMP and His Minions, but decide to do absolute squat about it.

Not that we may ever know. Again we’ll state there’s no law that says Mueller’s report must be made public; he might hold a simple press conference wherein he briefly says “Go home, everyone; nothing to look at here.”

A Painful Truth