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Kansas City

Anyone happen upon one of the new parking meters downtown over the weekend; what did you think?

With more people flocking downtown, [Kansas] City is upping the ante by injecting smart technologies into the downtown parking experience. The goal is to make parking downtown more user-friendly, so the City is installing single and multi-space parking meters.

For this 90-day demonstration, four different smart-parking technology vendors are installing meters in the River Market, Crossroads Arts District and Central Business District. Paid parking will be new for the River Market, with the demo meters on 5th Street, 3rd Street, Main Street and Grand Boulevard.

Enforcement of the new meters will be weekdays from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. and time regulations at meter locations will not change. The parking rate is set at $1 an hour in an attempt to encourage parking space turnover…

…The meters start operating on Friday, Sept. 1, at 8 a.m. The meters have all been installed except at the Crossroads, where they should be in place within 30 days.

You can leave feedback “about your experience” with the new meters either here or here.

For our part, you won’t catch us anywhere near the areas the new meters are going in: A buck an hour is simply a money grab. We spent a part of our summer in Breck and they, too, have installed new meters, which you can use a phone app, or just give the damn things coins or (magnetic) money. Breck charges for the first hour, on the busiest street in town, just 50 cents 1.

Kansas City

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  1. Their page is misleading, suggesting that an additional hour will cost $1.50, and more after that; the truth is you can buy 15 minute increments for as long as you need at a cheaper rate.

Sustainable Urban America

The U.S. Cities Sustainable Development Goals Index 2017 is out. 1

What’s that, you ask? Well, let’s cut to the document’s abstract:

America is the world’s richest large economy, with the world’s leading technologies and institutions of higher learning. Yet, the United States of America (U.S.) is falling behind other countries on a range of indicators relating to quality-of-life, economic opportunity, and environmental management. Nowhere is this problem more apparent than in American cities, which are home to 62.7 percent of the domestic population. The Sustainable Development Goals, universally adopted by the world’s governments in 2015, aim to set a framework for action on sustainable development. The U.S. Cities SDG Index aims to help urban leaders address the many sustainable development challenges affecting their cities.

Below is a sample of their findings:

Final Results

Kansas City gets called out a few times – good news, (mostly) ‘meh’ to bad news:

  • Goal 13, which is measured by carbon emissions per capita, is one of the worst scoring goals for all city regions in the Index. Particularly poor performers are concentrated in the Midwestern Region of the U.S., in cities such as Detroit, Chicago, Kansas City, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, Oklahoma City and Memphis.
  • Goal 7, Kansas City ranks 6th in the Affordable Clean Energy index
  • Goal 8, Kansas City also ranks 6th in the Decent Work & Economic Growth index

The complete findings for Kansas City by index: 2

But, hey! Looks like city hall will continue to ram a street car down our throats, our wishes be damned. 3

That should count for something…

Sustainable Urban America

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  1. You can download it here.
  2. No, we don’t know why Goal 8 isn’t green.
  3. A city-wide light-rail system would make sense, but nooooooo, we have to have a streetcar.

Speaking of Billboards

Not a globe...Sheesh – talk about your week for billboards…

The Flat Earth Society meets this evening at 6 PM, sponsored by Test The Globe KC. The meeting is being held at Barley’s Kitchen + Tap, at 11924 W 119th St. in OP.

Wondering whether the billboard was just a real life troll, I reached out to Jared Davis, the putative head of Test The Globe KC. Below is the transcript of our brief conversation:


So…I’m curious about your upcoming event and wanted more details; …was still curious about which scientists would be speaking about the “flat earth” speculation, and what evidence they might be presenting.

Also, I see you have not attended college, and so wondered what scientific evidence convinced you the earth is flat? In fact, where and when did you first hear about the idea?

Thanks in advance for your time.


Speaking of Billboards...

Hello Nick!

Long story short there is no detectable rotation of the earth, Coriolis effect is a hoax. There is also no detectable curvature on the supposed ball we live on. We are told we can circumnavigate our globe in 24,901M. If that’s the case spherical trigonometry would provide us a formula of 8in of curvature PER mile SQUARED. Also we are told that the horizon line on flat water from eye level is 3miles. But with the help of ocular devices or optics we are able to see ships, shorlines at 10 to even up to 30 miles orso, So start there. Why does the north star never move if we are whobbling whirling and shooting through our solar system at over 66K mph and our solar system moves through the galaxy at over 550K mph but the pyramids are still aligned with orions belt after thousands of years.. Some things to think about. IF you would truly like to learn more I can recommend some good material.

Thank you for your questions Nick.

Speaking of Billboards...


All interesting stuff, however…what about millions of hours of video shot from varying spacecraft showing the earth as a globe?


Speaking of Billboards...


Im my oppinion its all bogus. We as flat earthers have sent up weather balloons. Over 110K feet up and ZERO curve at all. Horizon rises to eye level. Its all deception.

Ever think of how hard it would be to land an airplane against the rotation of the earth at 1000mph?

Did you know moonlight is cold? I can show you a simple experiments that proves moonlight is cool. Proving its not reflecting the sun

You mentioned science then resort to spacecraft showing earth being round. Im on the ground. And so are you. And with that being said there are plenty of scientific repeatable experiments we can do to prove we are not on a spinning ball.


Speaking of Billboards...


So…taking you for your word, then…why does all of earth’s sciences (and scientists) claim the world is a globe. As an add-on, what –in your opinion–is causing “global” climate change? Or is there even such a thing?


Speaking of Billboards...


Well for one they are all government scientists. Most of them masters at remembering “information” just to sound smart regurgitating it. As far as climate change ive honestly not looked too much into it. Gravity is a theory and cannot be proven. Density and buoyancy take gravitys place. The big bang is a theory which needs the theory of gravity for it to work. Theories on theories. What i DO know is there is no detectable curvature on our 24,901M sphere NOR is there any detectable movement. As we are told we are spinning on our axis at over 1,000mph


Speaking of Billboards...

There you have it, one surmise seeking to supplant another: until you actually open the box the cat is both dead AND alive. 1 2

Flat earthers are not as rare as one might suspect, and many of them are beginning to feel persecuted. Kate Mulgrew (Star Trek) did a voice-over for a flat earth film.

So…if you’re looking for a place to escape the heat, not to mention that tiring non-gravity, there are worse places to sip a beer and hold a conversation tonight than Barley’s Kitchen + Tap. 3

Speaking of Billboards...

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  1. Though it’s safe enough to say that, in this particular case, the flat-earth cat is dead, unopened box or no. ’cause…science!
  2. OUR surmise is most flat earthers are home schooled…not that there’s anything wrong with that. In general, we mean.
  3. If anyone goes, shoot some vid to share with the group, please.

KIPP KC Charter School

Didn’t KCPS okay a KIPP KC Charter School?

The reason we ask comes from the Houston Chronicle:

“Mary Courtney was one of KIPP Houston’s biggest advocates, even as she had to borrow money from relatives to keep up with payments to the charter school.

“She drove to Austin during School Choice Week, talking to lawmakers about why they should better fund charter schools. She volunteered on campus. She paid thousands in fees so her boys and other students could have access to books and science materials.

“But that was before she realized the fees she was paying were optional, something never mentioned by teachers or principals or on the fee agreement forms that the schools – KIPP Liberation College Prep and KIPP PEACE Elementary – tied to student registration. Now, Courtney and several other KIPP Houston parents are furious because they believe they were duped by the charter nonprofit system into paying for what they believe should be a free public education.

On a whim we downloaded the student handbook in question, and if you look at page 23 you’ll see that parents can be charged fees for picking up a confiscated cellphone, picking up children late after school, not to mention the infamous (though undefined) “etc.” category.

What a fuckin’ racket.

“At no time if I thought the fees were optional would I have paid for them, especially when I’m struggling to put food on the table or clothes on my children’s backs,” Courtney said. “It’s a lot to ask of a single parent, and it’s wrong for them to allocate fees from parents, especially knowing the demographic area where a majority of their school campuses are.”

It would ne nice to know if what appears to be a bait-and-switch tactic is being promulgated throughout the KIPP empire, more specifically right here in River City.

Hmm. Anyone know a local newspaper that still does investigative journalism?

KIPP KC Charter School

Dead in the Water

KC Confidential: Dead in the WaterFor the Kansas City folks who follow such things, KC Confidential, Hearne Christopher’s vanity project, is down again.

Near as we can tell the blog went offline sometime this past Thursday. This is the second time in less than 6 months the blog has been shuttered. After the last instance, which lasted roughly a week, Christopher claimed “bad actors/commenters” had hacked his site. 1

As the site’s registration expiration date doesn’t fall until right before Thanksgiving this year, we can only assume Christopher attempted another ‘fix.’

We’d email an enquiry Chrostopher’s way, but we don’t want to set off Christopher’s lavish paranoia…

Dead in the Water

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  1. Though a cursory study of the site’s headers revealed at the time almost everything about his WordPress instance to be so far out of date an 11-year-old script kiddie could have brought KC Confidential down by accident.

Académie Lafayette

K-12 Growth Plan Update 3/30/2017

Dear families and staff,

We are pleased to give you this update on progress toward accomplishing our K-12 Growth Plan as discussed with families on February 9th, 2017.

Summary: On February 9th we presented a plan to provide both an expanded kindergarten and a high school, beginning in 2018. The K-12 Growth Plan will add one building to the current two-campus system.

Progress to date:

  1. The Board of Directors has made an offer on the property at 201 East Armour Boulevard. This building will be the third building in our system. Built in 1957, the property features 69,000 square feet of interior space and sits on two acres of land. It includes a nearby athletic field. From 2001 to 2013, the building was home to Derrick Thomas Academy, a charter public school that served over 900 students in grades K-12. Académie Lafayette currently serves 940 students at two campuses. [Ed. Note: Cherry campus is nearby.]
  2. While the owners, Wilmington Trust, N. A., have accepted our offer, it is contingent on the outcome of a 120-day inspection and vetting period.
  3. During the next four months we will:
  • Authorize property and site inspections (which may include soil tests, environmental tests, and foundation and mechanical inspections)
  • Establish the property’s appraised value
  • Solidify financing and fundraising plans

If we are unsatisfied with any of the outcomes, we can and will terminate the contract. Our earnest money is fully refundable within the first 90 days.

We are planning a meeting about this new site and will keep you informed about the date and location.

Thank you for your continued support of our school.

Elimane Mbengue                                           Chad Phillips
Head of School                                                President, Board of Directors

Académie Lafayette

Relevant links:

Derrick Thomas Academy – Wiki
Derrick Thomas Academy – Past Lifealmost
Derrick Thomas Academy – Outside Photos

Southwest High School

Four and a half months after the aborted launch of United at Southwest comes Uniting at Southwest. 1

The new cloud-based WIX web site is attractive, the design a fairly standard (and therefore ubiquitous) presentation, and the copy… Well, let’s talk about the copy. As we noted of the first United at Southwest site, there’s no there there; mostly it’s promotional copy, leavened with a promotional video. 2

However there is some data: The list of individuals on their advisory group has expanded to represent not just the Port Authority 3, but the Mayor’s office, as well as several well-known Kansas City community leaders and noted business figures.

There are still uncertainties; while Uniting at Southwest says a partnership with KCPS is necessary, the group is also hawking the XQ: The Super Schools Project. It is unclear who would own the building, much less who would be in charge of the day-to-day administration and teaching; what –exactly– would the curriculum be? Would a XQ template be used? Which one? And how would that be implemented? Would this be a “test in” high school? If so, where would the entrance bar be set? And if not, how would acceptance to the school work? Will the school branch out from its (so far minimally) stated goals and attempt to “fix” cultural segregation?

These and many, many, many more queries all go unanswered.

Which is fair enough, we suppose. After all this is nothing (yet) but a marketing campaign, released with the obvious hopes of whipping up and channeling long-term dissatisfaction with the KCPS product into a force that might override the objections of the usual players 4, as well as convince Dr. Bedell to discard the KCPS master plan that calls for Southwest to reopen as a middle school. 5

We wish them luck. 6

Afternoon Update: From commenter Gloria, who reached out to Dr. Bedell’s office:

“There is a group in the Southwest corridor that is trying to rally support to open a charter-esque high school in that building. We have spoken with the leaders of the organization but are not currently involved in the project. I hope this answers your questions. Please let me know if you need anything further.” 7

My 2017 NCAA Bracket

Show 7 footnotes

  1. Though ICANN shows the group waited to claim the unitingatsouthwest.com CN, through Network Solutions, until February 15, 2017. The ownership of the domain is hidden behind Perfect Privacy. The email for information is as follows: 27qajajokkju6bmuc354ktjgt8@domaindiscreet.com. Think the money behind this effort wants to talk with anyone? yeah, me neither.
  2. Produced by XQ – The Super School Project.
  3. As of April 18th –when WNBTv first revisited the web site– Joe Perry is still listed, but as a Public Supporter; he decoupled himself from The Port Authority…but still works there.
  4. Freedom, Inc., KC’s Black United Front, MORE2, SCLC, Urban League & the Urban Summit.
  5. Which means you should expect to see/hear a UASW spokesperson (probably Zeller) on KCPT’s Ruckus and/or KCUR’s Up To Date soonish.
  6. Further information on XQ: XQ Competition Results; Education Next review of the XQ design completion;  Education Weekly blog post about XQ.
  7. Hmmm. Possibilities: Dr. Bedell granted the group the courtesy of a meet-and-greet while remaining noncommittal; the good doctor  enthusiastically supported and encouraged the group behind closed doors only (for fear of upsetting previously named community organizations); the good doctor wanted no part of it. It boggles the mind – why not come right out and say whether you support the Uniting at Southwest efforts? What does that cost you, we wonder?

Kansas City

We understand that Kansas City “Sly” Mayor James finally got his meeting with our new Governor, Eric “Minigun” Greitens 1, who enthused that “We had a really great meeting with the Mayor.” 2

For his part James was equally (falsely) enthusiastic about the meeting.

“I thought it went extremely well… What we talked about was whether or not how we could find ways to collaborate on things like public safety. And so we’re going to be talking about that going forward.”

However, there was no immediate word on exactly how many cowboys “Minigun” was willing to loan Kansas City to assist in our current rogue cattle round-up.

flyover country

Everything’s Up To Date in Kansas City

Kansas City

Show 2 footnotes

  1. Kudos to long-time reader Condi for the fitting appellation.
  2. Of course “Minigun” spewed said pap with a sociopath’s smile firmly fixed in place, so we’re not sure we should take his utterings at face value.