HBO and Imax have struck a deal to make “Game of Thrones” the first TV series to grace the theatrical distributors’ big screens.

An exclusive season five trailer, as well as the final two episodes of the fourth season, will get an unprecedented run Jan. 23-29 at 150 theaters in top markets across the U.S.

While the visual spectacle of the HBO hit makes it a natural for the large-screen treatment, “Thrones” will be digitally remastered to fit the Imax format.

Fans will be able to purchase tickets to the special event for an unspecified price on in the coming weeks.

The bastards are intent on making my ears bleed.

We took the Astas to see The Hobbit: The Five Armies on an IMAX screen 1 over the holidays and it was physically painful.

We had no issues with the 3D IMAX screen per se – the lensing and 3D presentation was beautifully done. No, our problem was the over-the-top, unrelenting aural assault of the preceding trailers, an obvious case of dynamic range compression gone wild. At one point, with the score to an upcoming remake of Moby Dick threatening to pop my eardrums, I stuffed my fingers in my ears and glanced around. Not only were our little brave band of movie goers doing likewise, but so was nearly all the rest of the audience.

Look, I get it – there are burnouts who willingly, eagerly submit themselves to acoustic overload: NASCAR junkies, thrash & metal fans, that person at work with the perpetually nagging spouse. 2 And that’s all fine and good.

But for those of us who have seen what IMAX can do for opera (the Met’s amazing series), circuses, most certainly NASA, not to mention The Muppets, being forced to watch 20 minutes of Arnie and Crew in the latest Skynet feature with noise levels over 100dB is waaaay past excessive. If I desired extreme sound, I’d rejoin the RA, where every weapon I ever used was well over 120dB. Hell, I might even ask to be part of a Bradley crew, if only for the pleasure of blowing the shit out of the offices of whichever particular AMC jackass executive who decided America’s hearing capacity needed degrading.

In fact, especially since you have to pay extra to be injured, I will flat-out state we won’t view another “normal” AMC Town Center IMAX film again. Just not worth it. 3
Game of Thrones IMAX

Show 3 footnotes

  1. AMC’s Town Center 20 on Nall.
  2. Claims it’s the only time they ever get “relief” from the continual carping.
  3. Besides…that “exclusive” season 5 trailer? Yeah, it’s not near as exclusive as they make out.