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Lincoln’s Birthday

If you’re old enough you remember February brought school kids 2 days off in February: Lincoln’s birthday –which wasn’t an official national holiday, but was nonetheless celebrated as such (especially in Illinois, as well as here in Missouri)– and Washington’s birthday, which was a nationally recognized holiday.

However, amid all the other evils credited to the jackanape, in 1971 Nixon signed into law the Uniform Monday Holiday Act, which stuffed the two birthdays into one date, always the third Monday in February.

However, far more depressing than the loss of a day off from school is the fact that the new fangled President’s Day celebration includes Richard Nixon, George W. Bush and now OMB. 1

But today, on his birthday, let’s take another look at Abraham Lincoln.

Lincoln's Birthday

Generalissimo Francisco Franco

December 18, 2013


We’re going to slow waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay down over the holidays. Starting today.

Until after the turn of the year new items will be published on a random, possibly erratic basis. And, as always, there’s no accounting for content.

So…Merry Christmas, Joyeux Noël, Счастливого Рождества and Tennō Tanjōbi!  Enjoy yourselves.

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