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Jeremy Durham: Moron

In an effort to outdo North Carolina in squeamish stupidity, Tennessee’s GOP representative Jeremy Durham co-sponsored a similar Ya Cain’t Pee Here, Faggot! bill.

One always suspects projection in such cases and Durham does not disappoint: the stupid redneck has so many inappropriate behaviour issues he’s been kicked out of the normal Legislature building  “to a new office building Thursday and limited his access to staff after a scathing Tennessee attorney general report found the Franklin Republican engaged in inappropriate physical contact and potentially poses a “continuing risk to unsuspecting women.”

34 women have complained about Durham’s behavior.

On the other hand there are exactly zero reported incidents of transgenders sexually harassing anyone in public bathrooms.

That’s why we need the pee laws. Just in case!

Jeremy Durham: Moron

Estoy Jeb! Y Quiero ser tu Jefe!

Jeb! identified himself as Hispanic on a 2009 Floride voter-registration form. The New York Times has a copy of the document.

Do we need to point out that neither Bush nor his parents are Hispanic?

Jebus H. Fucking Ke-rist. Talk about voter fraud; can you imagine if a Democrat from Hawaii had done the same – gone native, as it were? We’d never hear the end of it. And if this had happened in Kansas, why good ol’ Kris Kobach would first have had Jeb! struck from the voter rolls, then probably hanged. Because…teh stoopid.

And, remember: Jeb! is the smart one…

Estoy Jeb! Y Quiero ser tu Jefe!

Five-Ring GOP Circus

For those of you not keeping track of the five-ring GOP circus this year, Bobby’s departure last night culls the 2016 Republican presidential primary field down to just 14 wannabes.

‘Just 14’; can’t believe I wrote that with a straight face.

FiveThirtyEight put together the below chart so you can track your pony candidate. But before you lay any money down, be sure to check out the odds

Five-Ring GOP Circus

Five-Ring GOP Circus

Supergirl & Jeb Bush

Obama dealt smartly with the “who’s your favorite superhero” stupidity; Spiderman, followed by Batman, were his choices. Which is not to say Obama poured over those comic books for hours as a kid, or that he even read comic books. But his response echoed on two popular memes in the American consciousness. Like I say, smart.

Jeb’s leering response to the same query, however, makes me wonder if he had ever made Family Watchdog‘s list. 1

Supergirl & Jeb Bush

Show 1 footnote

  1. Again…he’s supposed to be the smart Bush. I just don’t buy it; it’s like saying Johnny Cueto is an excellent pitcher – where’s the evidence for that?

ReThug Extremism

Caught this over at the Boston Globe last night –

With John Boehner out, the worst is yet to come
By Michael A. Cohen SEPTEMBER 30, 2015

The single most important political story of the last six years has been the increasing extremism of the Republican Party.

If you’ve watched a Republican presidential debate you understand what I’m referring to. But the radicalism of the GOP extends to every level of American government — from the mayor of Lewiston, Maine, who recently called for the creation of a public database to shame welfare recipients, to the halls of Congress, where super-conservative John Boehner was felled last week because he wasn’t super-conservative enough.

It struck us wrong; something was off.

Then it hit us: the lede should have read The single most important political story of the last generation

Which ought to lead to the obvious corollary: the second most important political story of the last generation has been MSM’s abject refusal to honestly report on the above story.

Perhaps the Globe could put a reporter on that? 1
ReThug Extremism

Show 1 footnote

  1. But, you know, only if they truly want an answer as to why they’re shirking their jobs; that sort of self examination can be extremely uncomfortable. Ask the Star.

The First 2015 GOP Debate

This is not a timely post. 1

That is mostly due to the laughably offensive ridership of this season’s GOP clown Borisbus: it is damned hard to take serious the preponderance of passengers.

And no small portion of our deferral was a desire to watch Stewart’s farewell show without that nasty Rethug taste in our mouth: we’re unsure Trevor Noah is up to replacing 2  Jon, and thus did not desire the GOP’s patented turd jelly of misogynistic racism to coat our preexisting sense of dread… 3

The 1st 2015 GOP Debate

Though it was a near thing. The ubiquitous drinking game meme was almost too good an opportunity to pass on 4, but at the last minute we instead had teh Google store the ‘debate’ on its cloud. Last evening, after a sweat-drenched half-round of golf at Swope 5 and the second shower of the day, we settled in with a beer to watch the circus.

Boy, were we not disappointed.

There were times when we went slack-jawed (FOX moderator – “Did you receive word from God on what to do?”), though given the stress on abortion throughout the show it was perfectly logical the candidates would play to the religious zealots that make up a scary portion of their base. And FOX’s opening, nailing Trump to the bejeweled (though already second-mortgaged) cross of his own making, was brilliant – FOX could not have any more effectively portrayed The Donald as a self-serving egotist had they spray-painted the word on his forehead. 6

And the way Kelly kept after Trump concerning his misogyny was impressive to see; especially the part where The Donald pretty much was forced to lap up all the bile Kelly spewed his way, which was so vitriolic we figured Kelly must have once been drugged and date-raped by Bill Cosby and was just now venting her considerable rage.

Not surprisingly Trump offered nothing concrete in the way of foreign policy, domestic policy, hell any policy you might want to mention. The man’s a gigantic zero. The best I can say for him is politically he’s Palin with a penis.

So imagine our surprise to read this morning that Trump “held his own.”

Carson 7 is obviously in it for the SuperPAC cash – we’ve known boy-band besotted teenaged girls with more geopolitical awareness than Ben; after the way FOX went after Trump, we waited (in vain) for them to pin Jeb to the mat with Terri Schiavo. While Bush The Too Many didn’t obviously step on his dick, he also didn’t distinguish himself; Rand Paul – oh, good kee-rist, no; Rubio held his own; Remind us again – why was Walker there?; Ohio’s Kasich appeared far too adult and reasonable for the GOP base – expect him to disappear soon; Huckabee (Fetal Personhood!), Christie (what a waste of tons of space) and Cruz (another fucking war-monger)? Whatevah!; (And earlier) Lindsey Graham must have copped some of Rick Perry’s oxytocin – he sounded like a stoner as he segued from Planned Parenthood to sending more soldiers to the Middle East. We kept waiting for him to ask if there were munchies…

We kept wondering what the Republican rank and ranker at home made of all this, not to mention the FOX moderators and commentators; after all Fox News flat out lied to the GOP base last go around – they promised Bain Romney would win. What were those paying along at home thinking?

The 1st 2015 GOP Debate

Overall the infotainment followed the tried and true GOP template – hit hard on emotion and wave your hands around a lot so the rubes don’t notice the dearth of logic. Highlights included:

  • “Repeal Obamacare!” (Just don’t fucking get sick if you’re poor)
  • “DoD needs all the money it is allotted and then some. Though we need to cut taxes. And balance the budget.” (Some of these fuckers make Brownback appear almost reasonable.)
  • “Sales taxes are equitable..oh, and kill the Death tax.”
  • “Kill regulations, they’re killing job creation.”
  • “Cut taxes to stimulate the economy.”
  • “Yes, we know the Planned Parenthood video was fraudulent. But it’s our new Benghazi, so get used to it.”
  • “Ban gay marriage.” (Seriously? That’s as likely as Boehner never crying in public again.)
  • “Get folks off the dole and back to work! (Well, at least the ones who aren’t already working 2-3 jobs and still not making a livable wage.)

At least that was our take. We’re not at all sure which of these clowns will become the GOP’s next rock star 8 so, as a sanity check, we perused a few of the quasi-local conservative blogs.

First up was the Sassy Conservative, who appears more mildly dim than anything; this is a lady who adores Palin and believes Coulter just recently went off the rails. In any event, she’s not a Trump fan. Rubio appears to be her favorite, followed by Scott Walker and John Kasich. She “love(d) Megyn Kelly and Bret Baier and 24 million people watched the debate last night.”

Over at Mike’s America (which we expect exists in some universe parallel to this one) the big winner was The American People. Hard to disagree there – the more folks that witnessed this shambling excuse for a GOP brain trust, the better. More important to Mike was the fact that “most of the candidates made repeated promises to repeal Obama’s unconstitutional Executive Orders and tear up his delusional agreement with Iran. All in all, not a bad start in the GOP selection process!”

And finally over at My Daily Trek, a sci-fi and ranting mum blog, Leticia was disenchanted with the FOX moderators of the Prime Time debate: “As for the Moderators, they were a HUGE disappointment and quite frankly shameful. Megyn Kelly was absolutely disgraceful. I lost a lot of respect for her tonight. I’m not sure what to think.” She also seems to admire Trump, though not as much as Cruz, Huckabee and ilk.

So, in a nutshell, the conservatives are as about as scattered in their opinions of their possible presidential candidates as the Left is of Hillary. 9

We expect that whomever the GOP eventually nominates will mercilessly maul Clinton’s negatives, real and imagined…if Hillary makes it that far, with the actual one-on-one contest being indescribably ugly.

Though if Trumps gets the nomination?

Cake-walk. Even if Papa Joe gets the Dems’ nod.

The 1st 2015 GOP Debate

Show 9 footnotes

  1. If by timely one means breathlessly, heedlessly scribbling down one’s thoughts before they’ve had a chance to fully form, much less be reflected upon.
  2. Right – we know he’s not meant to replace Stewart so much as carry on in the vein. It will be hard, however, not to make the comparison.
  3. Yeah, we know he’s not dying. But something died Thursday evening when Jon walked off that soundstage; all that remains is to discover whether it was a small or large thing.
  4. This because of the (as yet unopened) chili chile vodka we returned with from Colorado earlier this summer. However, ultimately a healthy fear of respect for Nora (along with avoiding the probable liver damage…not from the booze: Nora has a mean left hook) prevented that occurrence.
  5. A rare 39, reason enough  to quite while ahead.
  6. Though they might have had to use a neon color for it to be seen under that ridiculous comb-around-behind-and-over. Fuck, for most sentient beings The Donald’s hair is indicator enough to never, never let the man near anything important, much less breakable.
  7. Pro-torture; WTF?
  8. Did anyone by any chance see Bill Maher last night? The prohibitive favorite to win Cali’s governorship next time around, Gavin Newsom, was on. Newsom was deft, charismatic, thoughtful and well-spoken. He also plays to the middle while tossing the obvious bone to the base. We would not be surprised to see Newsome in a few more election cycles schooling the Cruzs, Pauls, even the Romneys.
  9. Another Hillary negative: you want us to vote for someone who willingly hangs out with the likes of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian?

Le sigh…

Rep. Rick Womick (R-Murfreesboro), bashed Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam for “bowing down” to the Supreme Court’s ruling that state bans on same-sex marriage are unconstitutional. According to the Times Free Press, Haslam stated he doesn’t agree with the ruling but has ordered Tennessee civil employees to comply with the law.

“And where is Tennessee’s leadership…oh that’s right…our Governor bowed down to the five self appointed gods in black robes just minutes after they issued their ‘opinion!’” Womick ranted on his Facebook page. “He changed Tennessee state law and our State Constitution without ever consulting with the General Assembly.  [I think it’s time to give serious consideration to impeachment hearings against Gov. Haslam…]”

Lately we’ve come to believe the majority of the GOP do not even begin to understand the Constitution, much less the concept of following the rule of law regardless of one’s in(s)ane personal preferences.

Le sigh

We The People

GOP PrioritiesWe The People, having recently spoken, made it clear we are 100% behind GOP priorities.

Which explains why the Rethugs are besides themselves concerning Obama’s promised Executive Orders on immigration – he’s not supposed to do that!

Which is arrant nonsense; a president’s gonna do what a president’s gonna do.

The situation is made even more risible by the fact that at this very second the GOP have a bipartisan immigration bill they could introduce and put up for a vote.  1 The GOP won’t do that, of course. They refuse. One would almost suspect Boehner is waiting for someone to beg him to bring it up during the lame duck session just so he can say “fuck off.”

So the president is doing what he can and should, the possibility of Boehner crying –again — in public be damned:

“I presided over a process in which the Senate produced a bipartisan bill. I then said to John Boehner, ‘John, let’s get this passed through the House.’ For a year I stood back and let him work on this. He decided not to call the Senate bill and he couldn’t produce his own bill,” Obama said in an interview with CBS” “Face the Nation,” which aired Sunday.

“What I’m saying to them, actually, their time hasn’t run out. I’m going to do what I can do through executive action,” he said. “And in the interim, the minute they pass a bill that addresses the problems with immigration reform, I will sign it and it supersedes whatever actions I take.”

In other words, send the president the bill you’ve already crafted, the one both the GOP and the Dems agree on, or any other one he can sign, and he’ll immediately rescind his EO.

Yet said bill languishes away.

Obama is correct to call the GOP out.

We The People

Much has been made over the GOP gains in the latest election; the word mandate has yet to slip anyone’s lips, but you sense the GOP believe it nonetheless. Which might almost, almost be understandable had they been thwarted by the e-vil Obama at passing meaningful legislation over the last two years.

However the truth is the ruling Republicans in Congress have offered up nothing of substance, instead choosing to grandstand in futile attempts to kill the ACA (50 separate votes), shutdown the government for no discernible reason (and still pay all the employees while the Republican party gained…nothing), and generally spent time talking about Obama like a nigger. All the while conveniently forgetting a healthy majority of Americans twice elected Obama to office. 2

Tell you what: imagine for a second that Obama had been president when 9/11 went down, when Osama Bin Laden then easily eluded our forces, when we first discovered that the NSA was spying on average citizens with the blessing of the White House, when the ineffective Katrina response barely took place, when the illegal invasion and occupation of Iraq had occurred, when the resulting off-the-books trillion-dollar debt that fiasco incurred (combined with the inevitable Wall Street implosion) resulted in the financial crisis. Let’s for a moment lay all that at Obama’s feet.

Now imagine Shrub and the Dark Lord presiding over the last seven years: no major attack on U.S. soil, the end of both the Iraq and Afghanistan military actions, the swift and effective response to Sandy, an (Republican acceptable) ACA analogue, a less than %6 unemployment rate, a record stock market high and a the lowest budget deficit since Clinton.

I tell  you the GOP would have all but strung Obama up 3 and lauded Shrub such a serious reconfiguration of Mt. Rushmore would currently be under discussion.

Wake up, people.

We The People

Show 3 footnotes

  1. It would easily pass.
  2. Unlike Shrub and The Dark Lord; one losing election and one bare majority there, enforced by lots and lots and lots of lawyers, to include the Supreme Court.
  3. Or at least made damned sure there would be no pesky secret service guys around at least one time a fence-jumper suddenly needed armed entrance into the White House.