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Russia’s 2016 Disinformation Campaign

I know, I know: We’re also sick and tired of 2016 election post-mortems (not to mention our normal knee-jerk antipathy toward the McClatchy organization) but…

By Election Day, an automated Kremlin cyberattack of unprecedented scale and sophistication had delivered critical and phony news about the Democratic presidential nominee to the Twitter and Facebook accounts of millions of voters. Some investigators suspect the Russians targeted voters in swing states, even in key precincts.

Russia’s operation used computer commands knowns as “bots” to collect and dramatically heighten the reach of negative or fabricated news about Clinton, including a story in the final days of the campaign accusing her of running a pedophile ring at a Washington pizzeria.

The long and short of it is that the Russian promulgated fake news pushed those Dems and liberals barely voting for Hillary (’cause ¡Pendejo!) to vote for a third party candidate instead. And even though Hillary out-polled ¡Pendejo! by nearly 3 million votes, enough Dems voted for third party losers candidates to give the White House to ¡Pendejo!.

Regardless whether OMP and His Crew turn out to have directly worked with the Russians to rig the election, this McClatchy article should put paid to the idea of not enforcing more sanctions on Russia, much less giving them their special party mansions back.

Russia's 2016 Disinformation Campaign

Rumors of War


“I have seen biblical prophecy fulfilled in Israel, and no one can deny that.”

President-elect…has reportedly appointed an ambassador to Israel: Mike Huckabee 1, a supporter of settlement expansion and the Israeli annexation of the West Bank, who claimed in the past that Palestinians don’t exist.

Great, yet another death worshipper in a position of power…

Rumors of War

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  1. Fun Fact! Mike Huckabee is a Christian Zionist, a sect of Christian fundamentalism that believes the actual Apocalypse will take place exactly as the Bible “foretells”, in the land of Israel.

Moronitude Exists

Moronitude exists everywhere, of course.

But what makes stupidity in America stand out is that most Americans — the dumb ones, I mean — don’t even think it’s bad to be dumb. Far from being ashamed, they’re dumb and they’re damned proud of it.

And the dumb ones even make fun of the small and constantly shrinking population of intelligent ones as clueless hopelessly out of touch.

Want to study astrophysics? You’re a nerd. No prom date for you!

Do you know that bogus story going around about Hillary Clinton selling Uranium to China is wrong? Don’t say so on Twitter. [Certain] fans will tell you you’re just a mindless, brainwashed idiot. Never mind the facts. Maybe you are also a traitor.

For the new wave of stupid Americans, facts aren’t worth more than opinions they come up with or the fake storiesthey find on the many bogus news sites that target them.

Now, I haven’t been everywhere, but I have traveled a lot. And what historians have documented as the tradition of anti-intellectualism in America seems to be pretty unique.

Even Australia, land of our cultural Anglo-Saxon brethren, where dwarf-tossing was a thing (and for all I know it may still be), never had an actual political party called the Know Nothing Party.

America did have such a party. It did. And not only that, but when historians reference the Know Nothings, no one ever chortles in derision. Instead they nod knowingly. Maybe

Moronitude Exists


America’s Toddler-in-Chief has yet to be installed in office and is already complaining about the playground bullies. Unfuckingbelievable. 1


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  1. A quick aside: 1928 was the last time the Republicans held the White House and both houses of Congress. The Great Depression began in 1929.

Trump’s Toll Roads

Yet another reason Donald Trump needs to be voted off the island…

Donald Trump’s campaign quietly released a plan to privatize new infrastructure development in the United States. …the federal government would offer tax credits to private investors interested in funding large infrastructure projects, who would put down some of their own money up front, then borrow the rest on the private bond markets. They would eventually earn their profits on the back end from usage fees, such as highway and bridge tolls (if they built a highway or bridge) or higher water rates (if they fixed up some water mains). So instead of paying for their new roads at tax time, Americans would pay for them during their daily commute. And of course, all these private developers would earn a nice return at the end of the day.

In any event, one obvious disadvantage of relying so heavily on private developers, as the Washington Postnotes, is that it would mostly encourage new building in wealthy areas that can afford to pay high user fees. Private companies go where there are private profits to be earned, after all. Poorer areas—areas where infrastructure may be more likely to be crumbling!—could end up being neglected.

I can’t believe this isn’t getting more play as it’s the most Republican idea Trump has yet uttered: Sell off America’s infrastructure to private corporations, with the corporations collecting tolls to recover their original costs. Then, when they have recouped their initial layout, jack up the tolls to set profits as high as they want.

Put another way, the middle and lower economic classes will foot the bill, people who have to commute to work every day (and pay for the privilege; Ka-Ching!) Of course the wealthy (to whom a toll is less than a pittance) entirely avoid paying their fair share in taxes, per usual.

Why oh why does this sound so familiar? 1

Stealth Cell Tower

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  1. The infrastructure in question was sold to a foreign corporation on a 50 year lease, so long the deal could not be changed without paying billions more to get out of it. The foreign entity was free to charge any toll they wanted.

Trump Dump

So the media is all agog over some emails found on a pervert’s laptop that may have some tangential relationship to a once-closed, decidedly not prosecution-worthy look at Secretary Clinton’s email server, on the off-chance that said emails could, perhaps, have some bearing on…jesus fucking kerist on a pogo stick; give us a break, wontcha? It’s not our first rodeo – if there was evidence enough to hit Clinton with an corporal administrative punishment from the State Department (much less culpability enough to warrant a trial) we would have heard it long before now.

Fact of the matter is Comey is a piece of shit using Clinton to cover up revelations like those below:

But, noooooooooooooooooooooo – we have to hear about Clinton’s emails (though the FBI said there was nothing prosecutable), which grew out of the Benghazi witch hunt, which, not so incidentally, specifically came into being as a means of tarring and feathering damaging Clinton during her presidential campaign.

Wake up, people.

Trump Dump

Cancel the Election?

Trump knows full well the deplorables, morons and mouth-breathers that make up the bulk of his support believe this should be the case. Gonna be a looooong four years, especially if Trump TV does nothing but run the out and out paranoid ravings of “the vast right-wing conspiracy.” 1 2

Cancel the Election?

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  1. The difference between stupidity and genius is that genius has its limits. – Albert Einstein.
  2. Also? Why not cut out the middleman and just give it to Putin?

False Flag Alien invasion

mars-attacksA group of short-bus denizens 1 recently released a report advising that Hillary Clinton plan on implementing a false flag alien invasion 2 in order to save her failing presidential bid.

Poll-driven narratives have been pushed too far, alienating most of the voting population. The use of polls as a psychological weapon has also been noticed (especially on social media). As the poll-gap narrative becomes ever more extreme, obvious visible evidence (rally-size, yard-signs, bumper-stickers, memes / social-media posts) becomes more and more obviously contradictory. Attempts at shaming outspoken poll-deniers such as Bill Mitchell on Twitter have failed in 2016 where they succeeded (Dean Chambers) in 2012. We are in uncharted territory.

Even hooks into non-philosophically compromised pro-Republican polling outfits such as FOX, Rasmussen, and Gravis have not produced substantial results.

Salvage Options (Recommendation & Alternatives)

We have analyzed a number of potential salvage options and have a strong recommendation.

Ooooooo: do tell! How oh how will ‘murika be salvaged from the orange Trumpmeister??

For almost two decades the Department of Defense and NASA have coordinated on a black book project under the codename FIRESIGN.firesign

FIRESIGN’s aim is to create a religious “awe effect” in enemy populations to create an instantaneous psychological soft-kill (abject submission). The operation uses high powered lasers to project real seeming images on the sodium layer 100km above the surface. These images can cover hundreds or even thousands of square miles and can appear completely real, three dimensional, and can move.

These visual cues are augmented with pulsed ELF electromagnetic emissions (see: PROJECT SANGUINE) that attack the specific areas of the prefrontal cortex that are stimulated during religious experience. In limited tests, subjects have been able to be overwhelmed on both axis of vastness (an overwhelming of the subject’s frame of reference) and a powerful need-for accommodation. The mix of these two will produce inaction, lack of focus on self or individual interaction, and gross transformations in mental equilibrium (a Road-to-Damascus Experience).

firesign2The ability to produce these effects across 23% of the continental United States is the objective of FIRESIGN and field tests in the Levant have proven successful.

The FIRESIGN scenario is that of an invading extraterrestrial force of nearly incomprehensible scale (massive floating cities descending, god-sized “walkers” among the clouds with terrifying weapons, wheels of fire and eyes, etc.). This phenomena, when
activated will bring electoral and social systems to a halt and, in afflicted areas, will permit a narrative wherein POTUS is able to “Call a halt” to the invasion and then “hand over the torch” to Clinton, providing a basic continuity of state. 3

Jebus H. Fucking Kerist On A Pogo Stick! Who the hell are these people?

Wait…more importantly, who commissioned this “study”? And what could they have been injesting thinking when they did? And oh Great Thor, it gets better; among slavage strategies the report doesn’t advise are…

  • Red Dawn: a (simulated) foreign invasion.
  • Cobalt Rain: a “radiological attack”.
  • BLRiot: Referring to BlackLivesMatter riots, the report said: “while staged civil unrest could prevent pockets of America from voting, the damage [from the Alternative Media’s uncovering of the riots being staged] is too wide-spread.”

And my personal favorite…

  • Unnatural Disaster: “HAARP is in skeleton crew mode. Subterranean thermobaric devices in fracking mines are untested. Surveys suggest this might not stop Trump voters.”

Holy shit.

If this report is ‘right’ 4 the polls are skewed and it will take a literal alien invasion for Clinton to win.

Supposedly Anonymous originally revealed the report, gift-wrappend and sent their way by an inner Clinton campaign staffer.

As much as I am waiting for the celestial light-show, could this election get any stranger?

Tech Rodeo

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  1. Joel Beneson, lead paranoiac.
  2. Yes, those aliens; the ones from outer space!
  3. Information posted on WNBTv from Salvage Program is allowed because…reasons. Where “reasons” equal ‘fair use’ of copyrighted material, as provided for in section 107 of the US Copyright Law.
  4. And from what I can find the Beneson Strategy Group are Clinton’s advisors.