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I’m The Only One Who Matters

There’s only a hair’s breadth worth of difference between The Generalissimo and the Philippines’ Rodrigo Duterte; both are liars, disdain the press, love pussy-grabbing, praise dictators and authoritarians any chance they get and are overtly toxic to their countries.

If history is any judge, both men will come to bad ends. 1 It’s the interim that has us worried.

I'm The Only One Who Matters || WNBTv

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  1. Sooner rather than later, thank you.

The Death of Reaganism*

“In [Our Manchurian President’s] speech, there are just two uncorrupted actors: the people and the president. The only thing that [Our Manchurian President] asks of citizens is to support him. So this really leaves only one actor who actually acts — a leader who claims to embody the general will. When [Our Manchurian President] asserts, “We will bring back our jobs. We will bring back our borders. We will bring back our wealth,” who is the “we”? It is the “forgotten men and women” and the single leader who has not forgotten them.

In this light, [Our Manchurian President’s] announcement of “the hour of action” has an ominous ring. He demonstrates no respect for norms of presidential magnanimity and self-restraint. He has declared that his “oath of allegiance” was taken “to all Americans” rather than to the Constitution. He is impatient with a corrupt and paralyzed legislature. And he has claimed a general mandate to interpret and pursue his vision of the people’s interests. In the past, we have, I have, been mistaken to discount and downplay the plain meaning of [Our Manchurian President’s] words. The oath of office has turned a laughable Putin imitation into to a very real concern.” * 1

The Death of Reaganism

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  1. It is wishful thinking on the WaPo‘s part to believe Reaganism has died; if anything, Our Manchurian President intends to revive, indeed has already revived, the most reviled aspects of that discredited philosophy. However, if the WaPo means that Reaganism will be wholly appropriated, to the extent that future historians rename the malignancy Trumpism, then we are in agreement.

Trump’s Toll Roads

Yet another reason Donald Trump needs to be voted off the island…

Donald Trump’s campaign quietly released a plan to privatize new infrastructure development in the United States. …the federal government would offer tax credits to private investors interested in funding large infrastructure projects, who would put down some of their own money up front, then borrow the rest on the private bond markets. They would eventually earn their profits on the back end from usage fees, such as highway and bridge tolls (if they built a highway or bridge) or higher water rates (if they fixed up some water mains). So instead of paying for their new roads at tax time, Americans would pay for them during their daily commute. And of course, all these private developers would earn a nice return at the end of the day.

In any event, one obvious disadvantage of relying so heavily on private developers, as the Washington Postnotes, is that it would mostly encourage new building in wealthy areas that can afford to pay high user fees. Private companies go where there are private profits to be earned, after all. Poorer areas—areas where infrastructure may be more likely to be crumbling!—could end up being neglected.

I can’t believe this isn’t getting more play as it’s the most Republican idea Trump has yet uttered: Sell off America’s infrastructure to private corporations, with the corporations collecting tolls to recover their original costs. Then, when they have recouped their initial layout, jack up the tolls to set profits as high as they want.

Put another way, the middle and lower economic classes will foot the bill, people who have to commute to work every day (and pay for the privilege; Ka-Ching!) Of course the wealthy (to whom a toll is less than a pittance) entirely avoid paying their fair share in taxes, per usual.

Why oh why does this sound so familiar? 1

Stealth Cell Tower

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  1. The infrastructure in question was sold to a foreign corporation on a 50 year lease, so long the deal could not be changed without paying billions more to get out of it. The foreign entity was free to charge any toll they wanted.

Trump Dump

So the media is all agog over some emails found on a pervert’s laptop that may have some tangential relationship to a once-closed, decidedly not prosecution-worthy look at Secretary Clinton’s email server, on the off-chance that said emails could, perhaps, have some bearing on…jesus fucking kerist on a pogo stick; give us a break, wontcha? It’s not our first rodeo – if there was evidence enough to hit Clinton with an corporal administrative punishment from the State Department (much less culpability enough to warrant a trial) we would have heard it long before now.

Fact of the matter is Comey is a piece of shit using Clinton to cover up revelations like those below:

But, noooooooooooooooooooooo – we have to hear about Clinton’s emails (though the FBI said there was nothing prosecutable), which grew out of the Benghazi witch hunt, which, not so incidentally, specifically came into being as a means of tarring and feathering damaging Clinton during her presidential campaign.

Wake up, people.

Trump Dump

Cancel the Election?

Trump knows full well the deplorables, morons and mouth-breathers that make up the bulk of his support believe this should be the case. Gonna be a looooong four years, especially if Trump TV does nothing but run the out and out paranoid ravings of “the vast right-wing conspiracy.” 1 2

Cancel the Election?

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  1. The difference between stupidity and genius is that genius has its limits. – Albert Einstein.
  2. Also? Why not cut out the middleman and just give it to Putin?

The South Shall Lose Again

I’d be laughing up my sleeve at this but I’m toiling away at home and, hence, am sleeve free. 1

A majority of Republican voters in a NBC/Survey Monkey poll released Tuesday says they would trust presidential nominee Donald Trump to lead the GOP over Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.).

The survey shows that 63 percent of Republican and Republican-leaning voters say they trust Trump more than Ryan to lead the party, while 34 percent put their trust in the Speaker.

If you are confused about what this means, or are simply in denial about it, let us, once again, explicate: Trump is not an outlier; Trump is the face of the new Confederacy GOP.

Get used to it.

In Passing

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  1. Don’t judge; smaller, artistically appealing tattoos –as opposed to the current prison/tribal markings that seem to be the rage today– were de rigueur back when Fleetwood Mac was a great blues band.

Rigged? Trump’s a Buffoon

Let me explain something.

I’ve worked for the Feds for nearly 30 years. In those 30 years the Department I’ve toiled for has been reorganized at least ten times; the division I work in has been reorganized, on average, every 18 months. Each and every time a reorg comes down the pike, all large-scale efforts come to a halt while senior management figures out a way to accomplish their Congressionally directed mission within the latest reconfiguration of resources.

This process often takes months.

Months in which the worker bees 1 buzz about in place. That is to say, normal day-to-day operations still occur, but everything else is put on hold; any planned initiative, new program or reforms are dropped like polonium-filled potatoes. And this effect is greatly exacerbated in years Congress, in its great cowardice, issues continuing resolutions 2 instead of doing a complete and thorough appropriation process for all cabinet-level Departments, as is their Constitutionally mandated duty.

Finally, when a reorganization occurs (as in this year) close to a national election, that hurry up and wait effect is compounded exponentially as everyone from each Secretary of all cabinet-level Departments down to every agency head (and the SES slots therein) have already tendered their resignations and are busy too looking for work right now to think about getting up to any mischief.

If it’s helpful, try to think of the Federal government executive management as running a cruise ship; all the presidential and political appointees crew and staff that liner, with the SESers climbing aboard for the ride. Well, as of about 2 months ago that vessel went on auto-pilot, and it will remain that way until whomever next occupies the White House signals the liner about whom –if anyone– will remain aboard for the next cruise.

Immediately after January 20th a new crew and staff will replace the disembarking staff, with the SESers, in many cases, being summarily heaved over the side. Those lucky enough not to tossed into the political seas will scatter to remote islands to finish out their careers.

Got it? Anyone with any amount of influence within the Federal government is either too busy looking for work to pull any shenanigans, or too apathetic to try and cause any havoc, much less put together the necessarily overly large cross contingency of employees and contractors needed to try and rig a national election. 3

Now…how an election might be rigged at the local level I was unsure of. So I went looking to see if I could find a template and came up with the below. Perhaps you will find it useful…

Rigged? Trump's a Buffoon

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  1. Generally speaking, GS-13s and below.
  2. See here.
  3. Regardless of the schizophrenic guidelines for military officers regarding politics, the exception here is the armed services; if anything they are all on heightened alert status. This is true every time a presidential transfer of power occurs.