My 2017 NCAA Bracket

Well, hell – here’s my picks for the NCAA March Madness this year. 1 2

Who knows – perhaps I’ll do as well as back in 2015 when I was in the top 1%. Or, more than likely, I’ll end up like last year, a total meh.

LAST update at 9:44 AM CDT, 16 March 2017. Whew….

My 2017 NCAA Bracket

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  1. Well, except I JUST NOW changed it to Kentucky beating UNC, and then winning the whole thing; will capture that and upload new PNG (DONE!). And there are still (roughly) 5 hours left to screw with it some more. Le sigh
  2. From KCUR, of all places, comes news of a KU professor’s new statistical model to predict the winner. Unsurprisingly, he has Villanova repeating. A good choice, normally, but it’s Kentucky’s year. A KU prof should know that; perhaps if he weren’t so busy asking people if they wanted fries with that in his part time job, he would have developed a better model, n’est-ce pas?

Not So Much

On the one hand…congrats to ‘Nova!

On the other hand…not so much with the winning this year.

My South and West brackets were ‘so-so’ to ‘good’, especially opting to ride ‘Nova to the final game. 1 However my East and Midwest brackets pooled blood like a Saint Valentine’s Day Massacre : nothing could save them. 2

Final stats –

  • PCT – 81%
  • Rank – 2,501,911
  • PTS – 850

Well, there’s always next year.

Nick's 2016 MM Picks

Not So Much

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  1. Though in hindsight, picking two No 2 seeds to tango in the Final was wildly optimistic.
  2. That’s the last time I pick Massive State University to do anything but carry water.

One Percent

Who knew?

I mean, Duke was a lock to win, right? Everyone knew that.

But Wisconsin was the wild card – they had to come through against Kentucky, not an easy task.

All of which is by way of saying my bracket picks landed me in the top One Percent, biatches!! At 1 in 120,000, I’m a shoe-in for the Death Buy Best Buy gift card and Maui trip.

Talk some smack now, boys!

One Percent

Après l\’abattage

Well, if nothing else, if all I take away from this bout of March Madness is bone bruises, shame and utter humiliation, I will have at least learned, once and for all – never never never select a Big 12 team.

They always play down to expectations. 1

Après l'abattage

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  1. That’s right: I am beside myself in anticipation of Kansas & Oklahoma’s play today. Hoo boy!