Sinclair Broadcast Group

The company that is soon to own WDAF 4 has instituted a lot of changes at it’s stations; take WJAR-TV, which is mandated to broadcast of multiple programs favorable to Generalissimo Donaldo Juan Trumpo on that state’s most-watched television station.

Sinclair Broadcast Group, a rapidly growing media company that bought Channel 10 in 2014, produces “must-run” segments and distributes them to its local stations nationwide. They must air during daily news programming, Sinclair executives said.

Sinclair is poised to become the nation’s largest owner of TV stations and, with its recent hire of former Trump aide Boris Epshteyn, viewers can expect to see more of the chain’s political programming.

The practice, which has infused a political flavor into the 68-year-old WJAR’s broadcasts, started quietly there at least a year ago.

Three of the segments have rattled viewers and WJAR’s own news reporters, according to Fletcher Fischer, the business manager and financial secretary of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 1228, the union that represents broadcast workers there:

  • The Terrorism Alert Desk, advertised as a daily news update about terrorist activity.
  • News pieces from Epshteyn, Sinclair’s chief political analyst.
  • A clearly labeled opinion show featuring Mark Hyman, a former vice president of the company.

These pieces are fed to Sinclair’s 174 stations in the United States every day.

Sinclair’s insertion of the segments into news programming has been harshly critiqued by Rhode Islanders and national commentators.

Gloria Crist, a 54-year-old actress from Tiverton, says she’s stopped watching the station.

Rep. David N. Cicilline condemned the practice, saying: “Rhode Islanders rely on our local news being produced in Rhode Island, not directed by a national conglomerate for local broadcasters to deliver.”

Washington Post media columnist Margaret Sullivan wrote, “What Fox News is for cable, Sinclair could become for broadcast: programming with a soupçon — or more — of conservative spin.”

And HBO’s John Oliver dedicated a show to what he calls Sinclair’s corporate propaganda.

But Sinclair says it’s providing national commentary to “free up” reporters “to create more local news, which we considered to be squarely in the public interest.”

So much for the “liberal” mainstream media, n’est-ce pas?

WDAF is already a FOX sock puppet, so perhaps there won’t be too significant a change locally. And hey! our own Terrorism Alert Desk! Hoo boy – bring on the popcorn!

Better yet, Sinclair is launching a “national investigative news team“, which we would assume, would –at least locally– delve into the Kansas City Water Department incompetency, the downtown hotel cash give-away, as well as the illegalities surrounding the street car.

What could possibly go wrong?

Sinclair Broadcast Group

Fact Checkers?

In other words, those few newspaper and television news organs that are still fact-checking what the candidates say and do? They need to stop, right now, before they put evil ideas in the debate moderators minds about calling out either person on their many many many lies, okay?

Shit; can you imagine if Clinton’s campaign spokesman uttered this trash? It’d be on the front page of the NYT and the WaPo immediately.

Although, Kellyanne has a point; if Trump is not allowed to lie every time he opens his mouth, what else does he have?

Fact Checkers?

ReThug Extremism

Caught this over at the Boston Globe last night –

With John Boehner out, the worst is yet to come
By Michael A. Cohen SEPTEMBER 30, 2015

The single most important political story of the last six years has been the increasing extremism of the Republican Party.

If you’ve watched a Republican presidential debate you understand what I’m referring to. But the radicalism of the GOP extends to every level of American government — from the mayor of Lewiston, Maine, who recently called for the creation of a public database to shame welfare recipients, to the halls of Congress, where super-conservative John Boehner was felled last week because he wasn’t super-conservative enough.

It struck us wrong; something was off.

Then it hit us: the lede should have read The single most important political story of the last generation

Which ought to lead to the obvious corollary: the second most important political story of the last generation has been MSM’s abject refusal to honestly report on the above story.

Perhaps the Globe could put a reporter on that? 1
ReThug Extremism

Show 1 footnote

  1. But, you know, only if they truly want an answer as to why they’re shirking their jobs; that sort of self examination can be extremely uncomfortable. Ask the Star.

Threats of a Coward

…That’s easier said than done, especially after O’Reilly chose to start threatening reporters. His best move now would be to do the difficult, responsible thing, the thing truly great journalists have been doing for decades: admit he screwed up, apologize and try to move on.

That might damage his brand as the swaggering no-spin guy, and it might even lose him some viewers. But it would begin to restore his reputation in a profession that isn’t perfect and doesn’t expect its practitioners to be — but also doesn’t expect valid questions to be answered with the snarling, empty threats of a coward. 1

Threats of a Coward

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  1. The article is entitled What Bill O’Reilly Owes America; we would contend that this is just the start of what O’Reilly owes us.

Welfare Queens With Their Cadillacs

…Joe Scarborough, the mysteriously well-compensated host of a micro-rated morning talk show asylum for disgraced hacks and television historians, has brought out a new book-like product about which we likely will be hearing far too much on our liberal MSNBC teevee network. Anyway, it seems that Scarborough has taken it upon himself to rescue his beloved Republican party and to return it to the values of Ronald Reagan, who gutted civil rights laws, started his campaign talking about “states rights” not far from the improvised graves of murdered civil-rights workers, made up stories about black bucks buying steaks and welfare queens with their Cadillacs, sold missiles to the people who bankrolled the killing of hundreds of our Marines, and then used the cash to bankroll his own terrorists in this hemisphere. Ah, the good old days. Joe is simply agog at what a monkeyhouse his Republican party has become, and he can’t stands no more…

Welfare Queens With Their Cadillacs