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Kansas City

Kansas City has another authentically French bakery.

Gabrianna, A French Bakery, located in Waldo, will deliver fresh pastries to your home, as well as cater a private or public event. Per their FB page:

Gabrianna is a French bakery delivery service new to the Kansas City area. Inspired by the culture and recipes of her native country, France, Cecile Rocher strives to bring traditional pastries, breads, desserts and cookies to those dreaming of having breakfast in Paris. But if a trip to Paris is not in your budget, hopefully an order from Gabrianna’s will transport your taste buds there for a fraction of the cost.

Juste la chose pour une main de petit déjeuner gratuity, n’est-ce pas?

Kansas City

Kansas City

Well, that was a disappointment: the Icepocalypse II that wasn’t 1, Our Manchurian President-elect didn’t spontaneously combust 2, and the Chiefs, again, choked big time. 3

Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose…

Kansas City

Our self-imposed hibernation did allow the Astas to watch the original Star Wars flics; at 14 and 11 they are the perfect demographic. And of course they loved Yoda and the Ewoks.

We chose to watch the latest local commentary offerings: WIR and Ruckus.

On WIR the strongest feelings came from Helling, who sternly warned us that both the Chiefs and the Royals could abandon Kansas City unless we continue to subsidize their stadiums 4  And we need to start discussing that possibility now, ’cause, you know…panic!

Our personal opinion is, let them go.

Kansas City is not known for sports.

Kansas City is known for annually giving away at least half of its tax base via TIFs and other developer-friendly scams; it’s known as a city that –surprise, surprise, surprise!!!– doesn’t collect enough taxes to maintain its streets, sidewalks and lights (though the city does feel fiscally charitable enough to  underwrite a new private downtown hotel, not to mention a brand new airport) to the point the Mayor is practically begging voters to pass a nearly $1 billion “Go” bond he promises, PROMISES!, that this time  he won’t give away to developers 5; it’s known as a city that has more murders and gun violence than any other city in Missouri; it’s known as a city that –surprise, surprise, surprise!!!– does not have local control of its own police force 6; it’s known as a city whose school system only recently qualified for full accreditation (though did not receive it) for the first time in decades; it’s known as a city whose only daily newspaper quit investigating the true reasons for all the above and more over a decade ago, content to regurgitate wire service items and city hall hand-outs.

Let the teams move, for pity’s sake. It’s not like the city doesn’t have more pressing issues to apply that annual $3 million toward.

Besides, odds are the teams won’t move further than Wyandotte County.

Kansas City

Ruckus was disappointing.

But then it always is; where WIR host Nick Haines deftly deals questions to his panelists (while quietly folding his own hand), Ruckus Mike Shanin runs roughshod over his guests, never allowing them (or the viewer) to believe for an instant that Ruckus is about anything but Shanin.

This week was no different. However Shanin’s normal shallow behavior was exacerbated by his simplistic interview of Judy Ancel, UMKC’s Director of Worker Education & Labor Studies. The topic – the Missouri Legislature’s undoubted passage of a “right to work” 7 bill this session. 8

In the hands of Haines, or any other competent interviewer, this could have been not only interesting but enlightening. But Shanin tread oh so superficially, eliciting mere topical information; Ms. Ancel was thus boxed in as to her responses, though she did briefly slip in the concept of wage spillover.

But digging into the racist origins of “right to work” was clearly right off; no need in Shanin’s mind to confuse his prescribed talking points with the truth. No need to shine any light on America’s continuing corporate greed/fascism.

Like we said, disappointing.

Hell, we suppose there’s always next weekend. 9

Kansas City

Show 9 footnotes

  1. The high today is supposed to reach 53 degrees.
  2. Hope springs eternal.
  3. Really, did you expect anything different? Sure looks like an alliterative Super Bowl to us.
  4. Maybe even increasing the teams’ current allowance of $3 million a year.
  5. Sometimes when a politician promises not to do something, it becomes the one thing above all others that they most wish to do.
  6. The only America city to “earn” said distinction.
  7. Or, as we like to think of it, the “slavery at a fraction of the cost” bill.
  8. The last bill that passed (2015’s HB116) was vetoed by Gov. Nixon. The state legislature then failed to override that veto. The new Governor will undoubtedly sign any “right to work” bill that crosses his desk.
  9. Unless erstwhile Navy SEAL and noted weather pussy Gov. Greitens calls another “state of emergency.” Sheesh – grow a pair, dude.

Icepocalypse II

Hunkerin’ down, that’s the plan.

In advance of Icepocalypse II, I’ve toted enough wood indoors to build a 10-person sauna 1; there’s well over a case of beer, several bottles of wine and enough Pappy Van Winkle’s to see me us through; I bought a shit-pile of both C and D batteries for the portable DVD/radio units, with the SMT1500 providing juice-juice for a small switch and display monitor.

Have already purchased in abundance both cooked food and food that does not need to be cooked; after the 2002 ice storm I bought both a fireplace crane AND a hearth cooking grill.

I had the chainsaw tuned up and sharpened after Christmas. 2

Think we’re good to go. 3

Be safe. 4 5

Icepocalypse II

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  1. Teh Tv weather people swear this will NOT be a repeat of 2002. On the other hand, yesterday on Middlin’ Middlin’ the retired weather person said his computer models predicted an exact replica of the 2002 ice storm. Myself? I tend to err on the side of caution.
  2. It goes w/o saying that there’s enough ammo for both the Streetsweeper and the S&W .500. Duh…
  3. If all this seems like over-kill, you either did not lose power for 10 days during Icepocalypse I, or you drank your way through that ice storm and have no memory of it, or you were living elsewhere then.
  4. Oh, I’ve a sitar mix scheduled (about 7:30, I think) later tonight, if that’s your thing.
  5. If anyone is silly enough to attend the Chief’s game Sunday, let me know how THAT goes…

Erin Little Says Goodbye

JANUARY 11th UPDATE: Little was hired by the Shawnee Mission School District to “oversee media relations efforts and serve as spokeswoman.”

As we type this there is no explanation on Little’s KMBC bio page, but the long-time weather person announced via Twitter this morning that today is her last day at the station:

Long-time WNBTv readers will remember another New Year’s surprise back in 2014  when KMBC let Joel Nichols and Lisa Teachman go in favor of Little. Is such a thing were possible, there was a “groundswell” of outrage over the move, especially because Teachman was far more popular than Little.

Indeed a Support for Joel Nichols & Lisa Teachman FB page 1 started up immediately crying foul; the attitude toward Little at the time was nothing less than dismissive. Today, however, the same people are rallying ’round what they perceive as KMBC ‘firing’ Little. 2

WNBTv has requested a comment from Little, but don’t hold your breath.Erin Little Says Goodbye

Show 2 footnotes

  1. At it’s height of popularity, the FB page garnered over 4K members; today that number is just over 3.3K.
  2. Though no such rumor, much less evidence, exists to support that claim.

Water Audit

Well over a year ago we talked with the folks who planned on asking for an audit of the KCMO Water Department; their estimation was it would take a year to achieve.

It apparently takes longer to get stuff done than back in the day 1, but their web presence is finally up and running – you can volunteer here, or just send them an email.

Step up, people – this should have been done years ago, Sly and the Council Stoned to the contrary. When you see these good folk – ourselves included – pushing petitions at the neighborhood shopping markets or going door-to-door, take a brief moment to scribble your signature.

The tax dollars you save may be your own.

Water Audit

Show 1 footnote

  1. Why, when I was a kid I did an audit of the entire DoD in just under a week! Kids these days…

Southwest High School

Over the last couple of days we received a few emails noting the United at Southwest innernetz presence had disappeared. A couple of those missives went so far as to infer that perhaps, just perhaps we had imagined the whole thing. One writer actually claimed we were put up to the “prank” by the Trump campaign.

We confirmed this morning that United at Southwest was indeed among the missing.

However, that’s only technically true; as at least 10,000 people a day still discover (often to their horror), nothing truly disappears from the innernetz: Et voilà

United at Southwest front page

United at Southwest front page – click to embiggen.


United at Southwest contact page

United at Southwest contact page – click to embiggen.


UAS also had a FB and Twitter presence; FB was captured, though not the Twitter feed…

United at Southwest FB page

United at Southwest FB page – click to embiggen.


And finally, Mike Zeller fronting for UAS

United at Westport's Mike Zeller

United at Westport’s Mike Zeller – click to embiggen.


As to why all UAS innernetz presence was mostly scrubbed? A couple of thoughts come to mind:

  1. They weren’t ready for prime time; as we noted the other day there were links that did not work, verbiage badly in need of editing, etc etc etc.
  2. It might also have to do with the opening of their mission statement:

United at Southwest will be an open-enrollment public high school (and potentially a middle school) located in the vacant Southwest High School facility that is…

As Dr. Bedell made clear Tuesday evening, he plans “…to follow the KCPS master plan.” And that plan calls for Southwest to reopen as a middle school: “Close SWECC afer SY2016 and designate as the preferred 3rd middle school site.” 1

Should the usual suspects 2 get wind of UAS’s plan, why they just might think that a bunch of “old, rich & privileged white guys” are trying to “steal” SWEC from “the community” and raise the sort of ruckus that caused Dr. Green and the KCPS board to back down from the original Académie Lafayette/KCPS partnership.

We’re jes’ sayin’…

Southwest High School

Show 2 footnotes

  1. Though back in the day, when the master plan was first unleashed publicized, it’s worth noting KCPS had a mind to to lease SWEC, so it could well be SWEC’s ultimate outcome could best be defined as “moving target.”
  2. Freedom, Inc., KC’s Black United Front, MORE2, SCLC, Urban League & the Urban Summit.

Southwest High School

Mike Zeller 1, erstwhile Académie Lafayette board member and a major proponent of the defunct KCPS/A.L partnership to turn the SWEC building into an I.B. high school, is these days fronting for United Southwest. United Southwest wants to create “…an open-enrollment public high school 2 (and potentially a middle school) located in the vacant Southwest High School facility that is:

  • Inclusive – Socioeconomically and culturally diverse & benefiting from strong, neighborhood participation.
  • Rigorous – Equipping   students for success in college, career and life.
  • Independent – Public charter school with an independent governing board enabling programmatic agility, broad-scale participation, and the major philanthropic investments needed for a successful launch.
  • Enduring – A culture, curriculum, and business model for a 100-year institution”

This list of supporters are much the same as the original A.L./KCPS proposal.

Notable, however, is the addition of Joe Perry, Vice President of Real Estate, Port Authority. This is what’s known as a “tell” (in case you’re wondering how this group might acquire SWEC.) 3 4 5

Frankly there isn’t much there there on the new site. Which normally means there’s no real, fully fleshed-out plan, one that details how the Ts were crossed and the I’s dotted. Instead, if pressed, what you’re likely to get is a “Trust us, we know what we’re doing” response.

And you know what? You can go ask the folks involved tonight. The new KCPS Superintendent, Dr. Bedell, as part of his ongoing Listening and Learning tour though the city, will be at the Waldo Library, 201 E 75th St, this evening, starting at 6:30 PM.

Whether you support re-opening Southwest as a project based STEAM school, or you’re openly skeptical of the idea, this is your chance to make your opinion heard.

Southwest High School

Show 5 footnotes

  1. Nope: no mention of Dave Cozad anywhere.
  2. Like the dead A.L./KCSP proposal, this would also be a “hybrid governance” authority , and the emphasis would be on STEAM: science, technology, engineering, art and math. Though there is no mention anywhere of whom those authorities would be comprised.
  3. Also of note on that page is the following: “WHERE WE’VE BEEN We’ve done the research. Diversity is the key. We have visited some of America’s best examples of diverse schools and found that…..” And there it stops. No matter how many times you click the header or sentence, you don’t get to know “what they found.” Oh, bitter disappointment!
  4. Also? We found it instructive that the URI stem for the support page is called /rates.
  5. Finally, the ICANN registration is private, though Crissy Dastrup, Académie Lafayette parent, vocal proponent of the original KCPS/SWEC plan and just incidentally the latest Advisory Council Member of the Economic Development Corporation of Kansas City, MO, appears to have put the site together. Dastrup was also recently elected to the Académie Lafayette board of directors as a parent representative.

Local Bits

A couple of local items:

  • KCConfidential has been down for 3-4 days – the hosting org says the account has been suspended. The expiration date for the domain shows as 2016-11-20T20:24:32Z, so something is going on behind the scenes. We posted an email to Hearne, but have yet to hear back… [SEE UPDATE BELOW]
  • The old white guy political pushback continues with the Star‘s endorsement of Sen. Roy Blunt. According to Tony Berg the Star, Blunt’s 20 years in Washington, DC, is just a good start: Missourians should retain his services (that is, if you’re able to afford them; please check for list prices with any Blunt family member 1)  until his death. That is the opinion of Tony Berg, who comprises the entirety of the Star‘s Editorial Board. If you’re wondering, this is the exact same thing as taking political advice from WNBTv, Missouri Rage or, gawd fofend, Kansas City’s Most (Successfully) Sued Blogger: For all future editorial considerations, the Star has devolved into conservative blog status. We’re jes’ sayin’.
  • The one solid, truly good thing to occur in Kansas City over the last 7 & 1/2 years was announced yesterday; the opening of the Kansas City Triage and Assessment Center at 2600 E. 12th Street. ReDiscover will operate the facility, made possible because of a deal between the state and Ascension over the sale of two older hospitals. Notably absent from the opening ceremony, and having no part in bringing the plan together, was Mayor James. However Mayor Pro Tem, Scott Wagner, who had a hand in the planning and fulfillment of the new center, was on hand.

Hearne Update: We sent the following to Hearne re KC Confidential:

October 29th, 2016


Your site’s been down –suspended, according to BlueHost– for the last 3 days, yet
the domain expiry is set for the 20th of November.

Care to comment?


…and received the following response:

Subject: Care to identify yourself?
From: “Hearne Christopher”(hearne
Date: Sun, October 30, 2016 11:08 am
Priority: Normal

…well, sure enough we wrote back:

Nick CHaralambides, proprietor of WNBTv – Will Not Be Televised.

Why do you ask?


…only to receive:

Hi. This is the qmail-send program at
I’m afraid I wasn’t able to deliver your message to the following addresses.
This is a permanent error; I’ve given up. Sorry it didn’t work out.

Connected to n.n.n.n but sender was rejected.
Remote host said: 550
IP n.n.n.n is blocked by EarthLink.

Rejected! Twice no less. Appears that Hearne really doesn’t want to talk about this…

Sunday Night Update: After jumping through Hearne’s hosting provider’s hoops to unblock our e-mail addy, he responded on our 7th request for information:

Subject: give me a contact number and I’ll call you
From: “Hearne Christopher” (
Date: Sun, October 30, 2016 11:02 pm
Priority: Normal

to which we responded:


Sorry: All interviews/dialogues/rants/raves to be posted to our site take place via e-mail; that way there is no chance of any “he said, she said” situations (e-mail headers being what they are.)

Looking forward to hearing back from you.


To which –almost predictably– Hearne’s hosting provide responded:

Subject: failure notice
Date: Mon, October 31, 2016 3:54 am
Priority: Normal

Hi. This is the qmail-send program at
I’m afraid I wasn’t able to deliver your message to the following addresses.
This is a permanent error; I’ve given up. Sorry it didn’t work out.

Connected to but sender was rejected.
Remote host said: 550 IP is blocked.

To hell with it; As kcmeesha suggests, it’s just not that important…

Local Bits

Show 1 footnote

  1. Amy – registered lobbyist Husch Blackwell; Matthew Roy Blunt (Matt) – registered lobbyist for American Automotive Policy Council Inc; Abigail Perlman Blunt – registered lobbyist for both Altria Client Services LLC and Kraft Foods Group Inc.

Trash Pickup

Early yesterday morning while planning my vacation to WestWorld 1 working from my home office, I happened to hear the city trash truck slowly rumbling down our lane.

Which was unusual for any number of reasons, but mostly because the Town & Country vehicle was hours early.

The way it works in our neighborhood is we place the bags & bins at the curb a little after 7:00 AM Thursday mornings and Town and Country swings by to collect them ’round sundown.

Well…that’s not exactly true. What happens is about noon T&C collects garbage/plastic from the east side of the street ONLY. Because…reasons.

Then, come dusk, T&C cruises by and collects the items from our side of the street (that hasn’t already been savagely strewn across the neighborhood by wandering mutts and raccoons.)

So for T&C to appear before 9:00 AM was more than a rara avis, it is just never done.

Curious, I took my blunt and coffee out to the front porch to witness the event; years from now I could tell my (putative) grandchildren of The Day the Trash Service Did Its Job.

However, something was off; maybe it was the blunt 2 lack of regular sleep but it sure looked like the truck wasn’t onboarding any refuse. What the truck was doing was crawling down the  center of the road, stopping in front of each pair of east/west houses for about 15 seconds, then turtling down to the next set of houses.

No one got out of the truck to throw garbage. The truck just kept repeating this ghost pattern until it reached the end of our lane, turned right and then stopped at the first set of north/south houses thereon, where it didn’t pick up their garbage either. Then the truck disappeared from view.

Not that I was thinking in terms of the 60s or anything, but I did walk down to the end of our drive and physically touch both the big yellow trash bag and ubiquitous blue recycle bin. Cool, I wasn’t flashing after all!

So I went inside and called 311.

I had just started thinking “What a rube; they’ll never answer” when they did.

Seriously, it only took about a minute for the lady on the other end to pick up, listen to my Daliesque tale and start laughing like a banshee. She asked me to wait and went wherever civil servants go while they have you on hold. Perhaps for another coffee and doughnut? Or maybe she flipped through a few pages of À la Recherche du Temps perdu. Who knows, but she came back on the line in under a couple of moments to say that “perhaps the driver was new and needed to learn his route.”

There was so much I could say in response that I just sort of stuttered into the phone, whereupon the lady laughed again and told me T&C’s contract with the city  held them responsible for picking up the trash/recyclables by 6:00 PM, so there wasn’t anything she could do until then, but she would note the call. Oh, and have a nice day!

Hmmm. Well, I went back to streaming American Ultra work and thought nothing of it until sometime later 3 when I heard the truck again. I walked outside just in time to see a city worker gently replacing my blue tub on the grass; my trash had already disappeared. He gave me a polite salute, said “Have a GREAT day, sir!”, 4 then shagged after his lumbering vehicle. The crew continued down the street this way and collected everything from every house, turned the corner and disappeared.

Problem solved? 5 6

Trash Pickup

Show 6 footnotes

  1. Which is not as easy as you might imagine; we received this missive from Delos Guest Services upon application: “Thank you for your interest in Westworld. You are currently being considered for a Westworld profile. Should you be deemed eligible for this exclusive experience, one of our hosts will be in touch.”  No, they have as yet to ask for copies of our 1040 (as emended) or bank/stock statements, but it won’t surprise me when they do.
  2. Something called ChemDawg#4, the linage being a blend of Hindu Kush, Thai, and Nepal strains.
  3. 10:47 AM
  4. Now how come that sounded so sinister?
  5. I forgot the first, the very first rule: “Never get out of the boat.” Absolutely goddamn right! Unless you were goin’ all the way… 
  6. Although? It’s nice to know 311 actually works. Yet…there was something very Nochnoy Dozor about it.