Wade Who?

Cubs Advance to Face Dodgers in NLCS Behind Wade Davis’ 1st Career 7-Out Save

The Chicago Cubs overcame an early 4-1 deficit and held on for dear life at the end to oust the Washington Nationals in Game 5 of the National League Division Series on Thursday with a 9-8 victory at Nationals Park. The Cubs offense exploded for seven straight runs to take the lead and then relied on closer Wade Davis to finish the game with a seven-out save.

According to Jeff Passan of Yahoo Sports, it was the first seven-out save of his career.

Good thing you saved that fucking $10 million on Wade back in 2016 huh, Mr. Glass?

Wade Who?

Ben Zorbrist

Ben Zorbrist: Two teams; two years; two World Series rings.

Discuss 1 the Royals’ front office idiocy amongst yourselves… 2


Plus? Mo’ money, mo’ money, mo’ money…

Ben Zorbrist

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  1. Consistent batting average, RBIs and clutch hitting should be topics.
  2. Also? Cubbies in 7.

TTFN, Royals!


There are 12 games left to play. The Royals need to win 10 of them to qualify for a wild card spot.

Do they have a shot in hell in pulling that off?


TTFN; see you next Spring, boys. 1 2

TTFN, Royals!

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  1. Go, Cubbies! Look forward to you taking the Word Series from the Rangers, 4-2. Don’t let me down, now – I’ve got serious cash riding on this.
  2. $20.

Yesterday\’s Breakfast

Plate o' crow

Won’t get past the Blue Jays, we said.

Will look thoroughly average in doing so, we added.

Still not convinced Cueto is a pitcher, we summarized. 1

Yesterday's Breakfast

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  1. Still think we’re right on that one; just because he threw one nearly perfect game out of about 12 doesn’t make him a pitcher. Certainly not one worth all the moolah he’s going to command in the off season.