desire is like a Rorschach test

While I was snipping together a tiny vasectomy post this morning a friend forwarded a video link over at Hairpin. While probably not their normal target demographic, I none the less cruised on over.

Yesterday I spent some time castigating El Lardo and his ilk over their fear of women. 1 As I watched the video below it occurred to me this might well be because Santorum, Gingrich, most every religious zealot in the land, not to mention many average dudes, have never really listened to a woman, much less with an ear for comprehension. 2

Comes now Victoria Floethe and Kate Rose with a site where your average misanthrope can somewhat educate themselves regarding real womens’ desires, all without actually, you know, coming into contact with one. 3

The rest of us can simply enjoy a new resource in our ongoing studies. It’s well worth a visit.

That’s What She Said: The Desire Project from That’sWhatSheSaid on Vimeo.

WNBTv - Good TV!

Show 3 footnotes

  1. For, yes, that’s what is at the base of their reprehensible behavior: fear.
  2. The reasons for that I’ve neither the time or patience to launch into at the moment; I should already be in the office.
  3. And in El Fatso’s case, by video, which he seems to be fascinated by.