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WLS-TV, the ABC news affiliate in Chicago, took the gold in Olympics Title Error:

Jayme Nicholas, a spokesperson for the ABC affiliate in Chicago, told Inc. that the goof was the result of a mix-up. The graphic was created for a different “satirical piece” put together on Friday by sports anchor Mark Giangreco in which viewers were encouraged to invent their own Olympic sports, but it was mistakenly also used for the serious news story read on Saturday by weekend anchor Mark Rivera, Nicholas said.

Someone is sooooooo fired.

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Homosexual Chemtrail Fire Ants

Fire ants are being laced with homosexual chemtrails and then dumped in neighborhoods with higher per capita rates of Christianity.

The homosexual chemtrail concoction contains a high concentration of gay endorphins.  Sources confirm that several exclusive gay clubs collected the spent sweats of late-night homosexuality, then sent them to a laboratory where in-vitro techniques were used to create this potent new form of biological homosexual chemtrail…

…When placed next to a person who is not homosexual, the ants become restless and aroused, lifting their brightly colored abdominal areas in the air as if in some form of coital temptation, their jaws ravenously snapping toward the flesh of any non-gay person in their proxy…

Various Christian neighborhoods in Texas have been reporting a sharp increase in these chemtrail laced fire ants and the CDC is reporting a higher incidence of homosexuality in Texas.  This is all likely part of Obama’s Jade Helm 1 2 invasion, but the Texas Chapter of the Christian Defense League suggests homeowners spray all of their doorways with bug guard and be vigilant in not becoming victimized by one of these ants.

Sweet Jebus on a crutch, the damned gays are coming for our children! Why else would they do this unless they want these ants to run up to playground and family picnics and bite the children, laying the seeds of homosexuality in their bodies? 3

Homosexual Chemtrail Fire Ants

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  1. Joint Assistance for Deployment Execution Homeland Eradication of Local Militants.
  2. Don’t tell me you forgot Jade Helm? Hell, no less an intellectual heavyweight than Chuck Norris warned America about it!
  3. I’m thinking Thursdays may soon officially become Trolling Thursdays