Baby Box

“Baby boxes,” which originated in Finland as a means of lowering rates of sleep-related infant deaths, are now catching on in the U.S.:

Interesting; we initially attempted the traditional “crib-in-a-remote-state-room” sleeping arrangement with our progeny. That lasted less than one night – both girls slept in our bed. Obviously no SIDS.

We knew people who would put their kids down in “playpens”, on the floor, or even –no exaggeration– dresser drawers. But a box?

You learn something every day…

Lees and Orts

The Palins

Like most Americans, we’re curious about the personal doings of Our Betters. You know, the national politicians whose gravitas and intellectual leanings well qualify them to lead the lumpenproletariat? Join us now as we look in on the Palins on a typical Saturday night…

The story goes like this: Bristol and Willow reportedly started to harass Corey all night so much so that Chris, the host of the party, was forced to intervene – which prompted an inebriated Bristol to throw several punches at him.

Because Bristol is the negotiator of the Palin family.

Bristol was asked to leave, but continued to punch at Chris several times, according to Political-Gates.

Bristol is nothing if not a tenacious negotiator.

Naturally, Track also got into a fight and Todd reportedly suffered a bloody nose in that altercation.

Is it just us or does Todd always seem to come off in these things like a schmuck?

The super sleuths at Wonkette made a call to the authorities to find out if this story is true.

Anita in the Anchorage Police Department’s communications office is sitting at her desk at 7:15 a.m. on Tuesday Thursday, so probs they are waiting for a whole mess of calls from Jake Tapper or whatever, and Anita confirms that a huge bloody mess of a brawl between multiple subjects took place Saturday night, and that the Palins were “present.”

However, since nobody wanted to arrest anybody else, the names of the “subjects” remain not yet released. But the investigation continues.

Where was Sarah in all of this?

Amanda Coyne reports:

It’s something to hear when Sarah screams, “Don’t you know who I am!” And it was particularly wonderful when someone in the crowd screamed back, “This isn’t some damned Hillbilly reality show!”

The whole thing sounds like a typical Grandview Saturday night..

Seriously though – isn’t it’s just as fascinating as watching the royal family? But if the Palins are serious about competing with the royals, one of them had better pop up preggars again. Preferably an unmarried Palin.


The Palins


Court JesterEven the people who are supposed to like clowns €”children €”supposedly don €™t. In 2008, a widely reported University of Sheffield, England, survey of 250 children between the ages of four and 16 found that most of the children disliked and even feared images of clowns. The BBC €™s report on the study featured a child psychologist who broadly declared, €œVery few children like clowns. They are unfamiliar and come from a different era. They don’t look funny, they just look odd. €

But most clowns aren €™t trying to be odd. They €™re trying to be silly and sweet, fun personified. So the question is, when did the clown, supposedly a jolly figure of innocuous, kid-friendly entertainment, become so weighed down by fear and sadness? When did clowns become so dark?

The last few days our Little Red Car has crawled through Swope Park in the pre-dawn mornings on its way to the office 1 searching for promised fog.

No such luck there but beginning Wednesday we noticed a huge red and yellow striped big top settled in on the grass sward northwest of The Starlight.

It seems the UniverSoul Circus is back in town with shows set through the 4th of August. KC has played host to the minority owned traveling troupe since at least 2004. 2

We expect they will have clowns. Whether they’re scary is another matter entirely.

WNBTv - Good TV!

Show 2 footnotes

  1. Yes, it is totally out of the way. However 63rd Street east of 71 Highway is still suffering the side effects of The Reconstruction; our out of the way jog through Swope is soothing and therefor worth the additional travel time.
  2. Mindful of our experiences last Saturday evening (The Night It Rained Bullets) we contacted UniverSoul Circus media person Hank Ernest and the KCPD to discover what precautions –if any — had been taken to forestall another random shooting. Neither entity has deigned to respond at this point.