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It Was Fantastic

HOFFMAN: That house is where we lived at the time. I never thought I would get home that day. My assistant who had ridden with me at my request asked permission to leave. I told her fine, but in fact I was in a panic. My wife and children were away. It was just me. I barely managed to crawl to my bed.

LEARY: It was the first bad trip 1, too. There was no precedent. You must have thought you’d poisoned yourself.

HOFFMAN: But in the end it was good. In the morning it was fantastic.

It Was Fantastic

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  1. That was nothing; there is NO worse bad trip than the fact Ivanka Trump is going on an “official” trip to Germany? To discuss what, one wonders. Merkel must be steaming…

Knee Jerk Reactions

Looks like that ol’ drug pusher (tobacco) Jeff Sessions has enlisted an ally in his efforts to assuage both big pharma and the liquor industry’s insecurities…

WASHINGTON – Two days after downplaying the role of marijuana in the nation’s drug war, Department of Homeland Security John Kelly changed course on Tuesday, calling it a “potentially dangerous gateway drug” and saying his agency would continue to arrest and investigate those who traded in it in violation of federal law.

“Let me be clear about marijuana: It is a potentially dangerous gateway drug that frequently leads to the use of harder drugs,” he said in his first major speech since being sworn in. “Its use and possession is against federal law and until that law is changed by the United States Congress, we at DHS, along with the rest of the federal government, are sworn to uphold all the laws that are on the books.”

Sooo…what? DHS now suddenly has police powers? Uh, methinks not. In fact the department is in legal hot water exactly because they’ve been masquerading as police. Moreover, none of what DHS is tasked with gives them any place in big pharma’s never ending, farcical “war on drugs.” 1

And that old canard about marijuana being a “gateway drug”? Bitch, please! You know what gateway drugs are? Pharmaceutical grade “diet” pills, mood elevators/inhibitors and, oh yeah, don’t forget hydrocodone and OxyContin – those ARE gateway drugs for, yep, you guessed it, heroin. 2

Marijuana advocates, who are watching closely to determine whether the Trump administration will deal a blow to state-level legalization efforts, decried the comments, saying Kelly was defying science in taking a hard line on pot. Eight states – Alaska, California, Colorado, Maine, Massachusetts, Nevada, Oregon and Washington – and the District of Columbia have legalized recreational marijuana in some form and another 20 permit the sale of pot for medical purposes.

“DHS should stick to security and leave the science to the scientists,” Mason Tvert, spokesman for the Denver-based Marijuana Policy Project, told McClatchy. “This is a knee-jerk reaction among a certain generation of people that still think of marijuana as this vile, horrific substance and have yet to accept the fact that it is actually less harmful than alcohol.”

Indeed, but tiny Jeff Sessions 3 needs an ally since many in Congress are ready to admit the marijuana stupidity has gone too far.

It bears repeating over and over and over again that the ONLY reason marijuana is a Schedule 1 drug is because that black hearted asshole Nixon, along with his dolt of idiots of a staff, needed it for political reasons.

Knee Jerk Reactions

The difference between a policy and a crusade is that a policy is judged by its results, while a crusade is judged by how good it makes its crusaders feel.

— Thomas Sowell

Knee Jerk Reactions

It’s hard not to see Lilliputian Sessions’ efforts as a crusade when he refuses to let science stand in the way of incarceration by excluding the National Commission on Forensic Science 4:

“The reliance of law enforcement on questionable science and the overstatement of the reliability of that science has been a leading cause of the wrongful conviction of innocent people,” said National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (NACDL) president Barry Pollack on Monday. “The reason the National Commission on Forensic Science has been so important is that it includes leading independent scientists, allowing an unbiased expert evaluation of which techniques are scientifically valid and which are not. NACDL is terribly disappointed that even while acknowledging the crucial role played by the National Commission on Forensic Science, the Attorney General has chosen to disband it.”

Stone them, burn them at the stake, throw them in ponds and see if they float…

Knee Jerk Reactions

Meanwhile, just north of us, in a civilized country

Knee Jerk Reactions

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  1. With the possible exceptions of the Coast Guard, in an interdiction mode, though more and more that’s a “coals to Newcastle” idiocy; why bother when you can legally buy weed in one of 8 states and drive it home?
  2. Though, frankly? Opioids, per se, aren’t the problem, Chris Christie’s irrelevancies aside: thorough education as to the dangers of drug mixing, yanking crusading pols out of the doctor-patient relationship and supporting the expansion of medication-assisted treatment, while permitting legal access to heroin and other drugs would save more lives than ANY drug prohibition.
  3. Sessions’ height is listed at 5′ 7″, exactly the same as Tom Cruise. However no one believes Cruise, since he’s given to wearing “lifts.” A more realistic figure is would be 5′ 5″ in both cases. What IS it with little men and their need to project authority, ludicrous though it may be?
  4. NCFS is funded specifically to enable independent scientists to investigate/counter forensic laboratory methods or other issues that might lead to false criminal convictions.

Money Well Spent

What price for giving an absurd send-off to a writer who cherished the absurd? $3 million, if you’re Johnny Depp.

The funeral forms (is) part of a list of ostentatious spending included in a lawsuit by his ex-managers, who claim it all led him to the brink of financial ruin.

“All I’m doing is trying to make sure his last wish comes true,” Depp said at the time (2005), “I just want to send my pal out the way he wants to go out.”

[Hunter S.] Thompson’s ashes were fired from a cannon that was placed atop a 153-foot (47 m) tower shaped like a double-thumbed fist clutching a peyote button. The funeral was attended by senator John Kerry, Jack Nicholson, John Cusack, Bill Murray, Benici del Toro, Sean Penn, Josh Hartnett, Ralph Steadman and more.

Wish we had been invited….

Money Well Spent

Foria for Cramps

Oh my god…it was fantastic. I’m multi-orgasmic anyway, but this was insane. When you use it, you’d better have your partner or a sex object close at hand, because you aren’t going to want to wait, and it is exquisite. Wave after wave, and if you’ve never discovered your g-spot (or those other inner-vaginal spots) before, you are in for such a delirious treat.

– Valerie Stone

started feeling heightened sensations about 25 minutes into our foreplay, but after about 40 minutes I could tell it really kicked in and my entire body was on fire. My clit was extra-sensitive (but not over-sensitized) and every thrust felt magical. The build up was very powerful, and when the orgasm came it was stronger than ever and rippled through my body from the tips of my toes to my eyelashes. I think it’s safe to say that I felt that orgasm through my eyelashes. That’s how powerful it was.


“Skeptical of its effects at first, I’ve come around to thinking that since it makes everything feel more sensitive and tingly, it’s the most enjoyable sex product of the year.”

– GQ Online

This sounds great; will have to pick some up next time we visit Breck.

The only downside to Foria is it’s probably just another excuse for the DEA/women haters to insist on vaginal probes.

Foria for Cramps

Jesus and Weed Wine

There’s been a lot of buzz about pot and wine recently. It’s hard to separate the toga party contingent’s thirst for a potion into which two psychoactive substances have been crammed, from the more sober, scholarly consideration of the 3,700+ year history of fortifying wine with cannabis. And the allegedly potent healing powers of cannabis-wine are almost always overlooked, advocates complain…

Records of the marijuana plant being utilized for medicinal purposes date back to the 28th century B.C. In China during the second century A.D., archeologists found records showing that the founder of Chinese surgery, Hua T’o, used wine fortified with cannabis resin to reduce pain during surgery.

Religious initiates of various stripes also drank psychoactive wine as part of their practice. Participants in the Eleusinian Mysteries (initiations held yearly for the cult of Demeter and Persephone in ancient Greece) and early Christians (including, allegedly, Jesus Christ 1) are two of the most noted groups of cannabis-wine enthusiasts, but far from the only ones, according to Carl Ruck, a professor of classical studies at Boston University. He coined the use of the term “entheogen” when discussing the use of psychoactive substances during sacraments to free the topic “from the pejorative connotations for words like drug or hallucinogen.”

We can personally speak to the efficacy of weed infused soda; waiting with bated breath for the new wines….

Jesus and Weed Winewidth=

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  1. This would explain soooooo much.

MDMA and Mushrooms

These wacky kids are the definition of “ballsy”. Or maybe “saintly”; hard to differentiate these days. Either way…count me in; I’ll worry about the legalities of it later.

Altogether, Krebs and Johansen are looking to raise a measly $1 million. Once they reach $300,000, they will start the process of manufacturing psilocybin. Another $300,000 will allow them to produce MDMA. The remaining $400,000 will support their efforts to decriminalize and reduce harm around MDMA and psychedelic use. […]
I'll take two please
Once the manufacturing process is up and going, EmmaSofia will sell high-quality, “reasonably priced” psilocybin and MDMA to authorized parties, said Johansen.

EmmaSofia also plans to distribute free psilocybin and MDMA to Indiegogo donors based on how much money they gave. In order to receive the drugs, however, donors would have to secure legal permission from their home country — a process that, realistically, will probably only be feasible for a limited number of people.

MDMA and Mushrooms


SMI²LE —a phrase coined by Tim Leary in the 1970s— stands for Space Migration, Intelligence Increase, Life Extension, and was his recipe for a working future.

RAW focused much of Cosmic Trigger on the SMI²LE formula, predicting that by the end of the 20th century humanity would be living in off-world O’Neill colonies, with greatly enhanced cognitive ability and lifespans extended by centuries or even indefinitely.

None of these predictions came true within Leary or Wilson’s lifetimes—both men died, without any immortality pill in sight, in a post-Challenger era in which the US space program had wilted, and humanity was acting stupider than ever.

But 2014 is a different story. Although the same old “let’s party like it’s 1099” Crusader script keeps getting remade over and over, with better special effects each time, we’re also starting to actually see some of the SMI²LE future show up.


Economics of Ebola

It began with people leaving homes in Liberia to seek better care or reunite with families back in Guinea, a pattern repeating itself all over.

“Currently in Guinea, all the new cases, all the new epidemic, are linked to people who are coming back from Liberia or from Sierra Leone,” said Marc Poncin, the emergency coordinator for Doctors Without Borders in Guinea.

The epidemic also has touched Nigeria and Senegal while killing more than 2,000 people across West Africa. Never before has the disease struck such a densely populated region, where so many people are on the move. For four decades, the virus struck in relatively remote areas, where doctors could quickly isolate communities and stop its spread.

In previous outbreaks, a cleared pocket like Macenta would be easy to keep clear.

This time, the virus is traveling effortlessly across borders by plane, car and foot, shifting from forests to cities and springing up in clusters far from any previously known infections. Border closures, flight bans and mass quarantines have been ineffective.

“Everything we do is too small and too late,” said Poncin. “We’re always running after the epidemic.”

Ebola has been able to follow its own course because West Africa lacks the health care workers it needs to monitor potential carriers and train communities in how to avoid catching the disease. People in contact with the sick have evaded surveillance, moving at will and hiding their illnesses until they infect others in turn. Whole villages, stricken by fear, have repeatedly shut themselves off for days or weeks, giving the virus more opportunities to whip around and skip someplace else.

Dr. Peter Piot, who co-discovered Ebola, said Ebola isn’t striking in a “linear fashion” this time. It’s hopping around, especially in Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone.

“The epidemic is now so vast and so extensive that one should consider that in the three (hardest-hit) countries, everybody is now at risk and it won’t be over until the last case has survived and six weeks have passed,” said Piot, who runs London’s School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.

A couple of thoughts:

  • The New Yorker recently published a short item on the economics of Ebola. It did not touch on the politics of the 70s that forced the African continent to live with the virus rather than find a cure for it.
  • It appears the 70’s Ebola strain  has mutated and unfortunately there will soon be too much time to rehash our past sins; given the difference in cheap travel made available to the world’s populace in the intervening 40 years, it is a certainty this outbreak will become an epidemic, perhaps killing tens of thousands and even touching on our shores. If so the only question is whether the multi-national drug companies find a cure/vaccine before the virus becomes a pandemic that kills millions.

Economics of Ebola


Marijuana Economy

Handblown glass pipes and bongs are displayed in antique cabinets at the Farm, a marijuana dispensary in one of two states that have legalized the drug.

The walls feature paintings by local artists. There are vaporizers, electronic cigarettes, rolling papers and more. That’s just in the front of the store.

In the back room, “budtenders” are selling gluten-free edibles, lollipops, salves and, of course, marijuana.

Jan Cole’s company grows and harvests its own marijuana strains, but the Farm depends on vendors to provide many of the products sold at the store. The business employs 103 people.

Behind the scenes, there are accountants, lawyers, janitors, Internet providers, soil companies, testing laboratories and more.

The cannabis industry isn’t just pot shops and warehouse grows. It’s an industry that could reach $2.57 billion in value this year, according to the Arcview Group, a San Francisco investment and research firm that focuses on the cannabis business.

The National Cannabis Industry Association has more than 500 members and will hold the first National Cannabis Business Summit in Denver for more than 800 people in late June.

“Sixty percent growth, so it’s the fastest-growing industry in America,” said Michael Correia, a federal lobbyist for the association. “This is all while it’s illegal federally. Can you imagine what would happen if it were legal federally?”

A couple of blocks from the Colorado Capitol, a historic, two-story brick house is home to Vicente Sederberg, billed as “the marijuana law firm.”

The National Cannabis Industry Association headquarters is in a carriage house behind the law firm. Founded in late 2010, the association has members in 22 states — including equipment manufactures, lawyers, accountants, laboratories, security firms, business consultants and investment companies.

“A year ago, we had about 150 members. Now we’re up to 500,” said Taylor West, deputy director of the organization. “Half of those members are either dispensaries or cultivation operations, and the other half are ancillary businesses of various types.”

Sixty percent growth, so it’s the fastest-growing industry in America,” said Michael Correia, a federal lobbyist for the association. “This is all while it’s illegal federally. “Can you imagine what would happen if it were legal federally?”

Yes we can; should marijuana be legal throughout the nation the resultant boost to the economy – vis-a-vis taxes, new businesses et al – would more than offset the dollars currently rolling in via the DEA and their ilk. Moreover the new dollars would be broadly distributed throughout the larger economy, not be closely held by a small para-military organization. In addition we could start demilitarizing state and federal police forces: no more children or animals killed in midnight raids.

This is to say nothing of the reduced power of the narco-gangs and cartels south of our border our government has tacitly supported for decades via their hidebound drug policies.

The corporate penal system would save money as well. It’s a win-win for everyone.

I’ve no problem envisioning that at all.

Rêves doux

The Lime Emergency

LA RUANA, Mexico (AP) — The farm state of Michoacan is burning. A drug cartel that takes its name from an ancient monastic order has set fire to lumber yards, packing plants and passenger buses in a medieval-like reign of terror.
The Knights Templar cartel is extorting protection payments from cattlemen, lime growers and businesses such as butchers, prompting some communities to fight back, taking up arms in vigilante patrols…
By late last year, the cartel wasn’t just extorting money from lime growers and packers. It had started charging per-box payments from lime pickers, who make only $10 to $15 per day laboring under the scorching sun.
With officials doing nothing to help, self-defense groups started to spring up in February to fight back. Heavily armed men in masks and baseball caps began manning barricades along highways and patrolling the countryside, sometimes openly battling the cartel.
Then the cartel shut the warehouses, forbidding brokers to buy limes and cutting off work for the pickers who had revolted…
Meanwhile, in Mexico City, the federal government recently declared a lime emergency because prices had doubled to about 70 cents a pound. For a fruit so central to Mexican cuisine, it was a crisis.
The government announced last week it would tackle the shortage by importing limes from Brazil. The government attributed the local scarcity to crop pests and “seasonal fluctuations” in production. 1

WNBTv - Good TV!

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  1. Not to be totally scooped, the New York Times ran an article about the lime shortage this past Sunday. Amusing tidbits included:  since 1970 US lime consumption has quintupled; the same cartel appears to controls the all the avocado trade; the current lime crisis will probably be temporary – there should be plenty of limes this summer.