Dead in the Water

KC Confidential: Dead in the WaterFor the Kansas City folks who follow such things, KC Confidential, Hearne Christopher’s vanity project, is down again.

Near as we can tell the blog went offline sometime this past Thursday. This is the second time in less than 6 months the blog has been shuttered. After the last instance, which lasted roughly a week, Christopher claimed “bad actors/commenters” had hacked his site. 1

As the site’s registration expiration date doesn’t fall until right before Thanksgiving this year, we can only assume Christopher attempted another ‘fix.’

We’d email an enquiry Chrostopher’s way, but we don’t want to set off Christopher’s lavish paranoia…

Dead in the Water

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  1. Though a cursory study of the site’s headers revealed at the time almost everything about his WordPress instance to be so far out of date an 11-year-old script kiddie could have brought KC Confidential down by accident.

Idle Thoughts

If you live in Kansas City, go vote. I don’t particularly care whether you favor Sly and the Council Stoned’s GO Bonds proposal (though, frankly, if you vote for those you’re less numerate than the very worst Powerball addict), but go and vote. I would recommend you vote for the itsy bitsy step toward decriminalizing dope, at least within city limits. But vote.

Get into the habit of voting. Remind yourself it’s your actual civic duty. Keep voting every time an election comes up.

You never know when your vote might save or damn your country.

The list of polls are here; the official sample ballot here.

AFTERNOON UPDATE: There were a exactly eight people in my polling place a few minutes go. Only one of us was there to vote.

Idle Thoughts

Jeff Sessions made plain today that the ReThugs are intent on undoing every single damned thing “that black mothefucker” put into place; that OMP‘s neo-Confederate Kleptocracy is going to forcefully move blacks back into their place and there’ll be no damned sass about it:

  • If you’re beaten, maimed and even killed by the police, well then, boy, it’s because you deserve it.
  • If you are not educated, or only minimally so (in order to keep you off the streets), it’s because you don’t deserve it.
  • If you can not find work that pays a living wage, tough shit, boy; you’re lucky we let you work at all (in order to keep you off the streets).
  • If we flood your neighborhoods with drugs in order to both pacify and incarcerate you, boy, it’s only what you deserve.

No, Sessions did not come out and actually say those things. But you could see it in his beady little eyes and the nearly unrestrained glee with which he made his announcement.

You can see it in OMP‘s cozying up to a military dictator.

You can see it in Ben Carson’s awkward self loathing, Betsy DeVos’ mannered prescriptions for school “choice”, and the arrogantly dismissive attitudes of Scott Pruitt & Mike Pompeo

To paraphrase Huey Walker, “The OMP years are going to make the Nixon years look like the Eisenhower years.”

Put another way, it appears slavery, rapine, pillaging and looting is back on the menu. 1

Idle Thoughts

Speaking of rapine…

Out of the blue, and with no warning, the Well Hell Michelle gal infected me this morning. And like most of the delicately awkward  situations in which I’ve found myself, it was Warren’s fault. 2

A long time reader emailed me overnight to say that she had run across a comment Warren had posted on Well Hell Michelle‘s site and would I be interested in the link? Sure, I said, though isn’t that blog defunct? Whereupon the lady informed me she had accidentally run across the archives and yadda yadda yadda…

Foolhardy chap that I am I followed the link, whereupon (almost before the page had rendered) F-Secure popped up letting me know I had been dosed (didn’t Well Hell Michelle have some connection to the pr0n industry?)  Rude, just freaking rude. If you’re going to retire, retire.

Don’t leave honey pots around to tempt the wicked weak…

Idle Thoughts

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  1. And this from people who seriously thought Spock had Antonin Scalia killed, Obama was coming for everyone’s guns and HRC was running a pedo ring out of a WDC pizza joint. Actually, when you stop to consider it, the deplorables is far too mild an appellation.
  2. No, Warren’s still dead, damnit. We’ll not see his like again…

Reluctant Navel Gazing

So Feedburner is broken.

I was apprised of this by Fletcher Dodge; it seems around New Year’s WNBTv‘s feed simply ceased. I verified this by cruising around the neighborhood, checking the handful of blogs that listed WNBTv: most were woefully out of date and a couple (that used the Blogger feed tool that lists by most-recent-date-published) had consigned our feed to…well, nowhere, as our last known update was just prior to The Donald’s most recent presidential campaign bid. So I dug up my Feedburner password 1 and logged in to use their localized ‘ping’ tool: no joy. Next up was what Feedburner refers to as their ‘nuclear option’, a sync, which clears their cache and forces an update: also no joy.

Hmmm, something stunk to high AOL.

I returned to Feedburner’s landing page and noticed something odd: the latest announcements from Google were Saying goodbye to the AdSense for Feeds 7/26/2012 and Your Stats, Right Away 10/25/2010.

That explains it: Google’s abandoned the product: no updates, no maintenance, no luuuuuv, baby. Checking the Feedburner status blog confirmed this:

Feed and item stats for February 2nd and 3rd are delayed (fixed)

FeedBurner is experiencing some delays in the calculation of daily feed and item statistics. As of writing, the control panel shows feed and item stats up to February 1st, partial stats for February 2nd, and no stats yet for February 3rd. We’re processing the remaining data and hope to bring the statistics up-to-date ASAP.

Update 11:10 PDT: all stats up to and including February 2nd are now available.
Update Feb 5: stats for February 3rd are also available.

Sheesh – Google ignores/breaks its playthings more often than a willful 4 year-old.

Anyone got a replacement/work-around for Feedburner?

Also? Who the fuck is Nikki Haley and why should I care?

Reluctant Navel Gazingon

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  1. ‘password1234’ – boy, were we innocent back then or what?

Do No Evil

That’s their motto, n’est-ce pas? Do no evil.

So it came somewhat of a surprise 1 when Google recently announced they were going to ban all adult content on Blogger, not just the pay-for-play ilk. After all, wasn’t Blogger originally touted as the platform supporting Free Speech?

The world was aghast at the news; it wailed and wept. It gnashed its teeth. Even Kansas City’s Most Sued Blogger, in an effort to reassure his trolls, posted a hilarious (if barely legible) post explaining his pitiful daily fare was trash, thank you very much, not pornography, and as such his blog would not in the least be effected.

Surely the world was ending.

However…on the Q.T., Google quietly did an about-face:

We’ve had a ton of feedback, in particular about the introduction of a retroactive change (some people have had accounts for 10+ years), but also about the negative impact on individuals who post sexually explicit content to express their identities. So rather than implement this change, we’ve decided to step up enforcement around our existing policy prohibiting commercial porn.

Blog owners should continue to mark any blogs containing sexually explicit content as “adult” so that they can be placed behind an “adult content” warning page.

The official Blogger page has yet to say “Boo!” about the near calamity. Indeed they’ve not posted anything since January. 2

it’s enough to make one wonder if Google is dabbling in subliminal messaging

Do No Evil

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  1. If by surprise  one means jaw-dropping shock.
  2. Their Twitter account also makes no mention of the issue.