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Après L’abattage

Après L'abattage

“‘This is not the time to be talking about guns.’ Sometimes I wish I had used this logic as a kid when I’d done something wrong. You know, my mom wanted to ground me. I should have just said, ‘Is this the time, Mom, that we politicize what is happening right now? This is not the time to talk about my lack of discipline. This is a time for us to unite as a family, to focus on the fact that I’m stuck in the kitchen window trying to sneak back in. Come on, Mom. This is not the time.’”

“Just to give you an idea of how far away America is from actual gun control, this week Congress is going to vote on deregulating gun silencers. Because I guess Congress is thinking, ‘Gun violence is out of control — how can we make it quieter?’”TREVOR NOAH

Après L'abattage

The below was published December 14th, 2012; waiting on the latest response…

Après L'abattage

Oil Wars

It appears our Manchurian President-elect has already managed to initiate the trade war he all but promised while campaigning: Get set for a rising tide of oil and gas prices:

OPEC clinched a deal to curtail oil supply, confounding skeptics as the need to clear a record global crude glut — and prove the group’s credibility — brought about its first cuts in eight years.

OPEC will reduce production by 1.2 million barrels a day to 32.5 million a day, two delegates said Wednesday during a ministerial meeting in Vienna, asking not to be identified as the decision isn’t yet public. Benchmark Brent crude rose 8 percent to $50.07 a barrel in London at 1:37 p.m. local time.

After weeks of often tense negotiations, the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries’ three biggest producers — Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Iran — resolved differences over sharing the burden of cuts. Notably, it appears the Saudis accepted that Iran, as a special case, can raise production to about 3.9 million barrels a day. The agreement is also likely to include an additional reduction of about 600,000 barrels a day by non-OPEC countries.

“This should be a wake-up call for skeptics who have argued the death of OPEC,” said Amrita Sen, chief oil analyst at Energy Aspects Ltd. “The group wants to push inventories down.”

The deal promises to revive the tattered finances of countries from Venezuela to Libya and restore flagging confidence in the producer bloc that controls 40 percent of the world’s oil. But the consequences will reverberate far beyond OPEC, giving a boost to U.S. shale drillers crippled by a two-year price rout and oil giants such as Royal Dutch Shell Plc, which have cut spending to the bone to weather the prolonged downturn.

Suddenly after eight years of stable (when not falling) oil/gas prices, OPEC looks at our Clown Prince, smirks and screws down production. This will immediately benefit countries like Iran, Venezuela, Libya and, yes, Russia. The Sauds, of course, will make billions. Anyone see a pattern?

In addition, as the Manchurian President-elect has reiterated time and again, he intends to boost drilling/fracking in the US by gutting the environment 1 rather than lower demand through alternative energy.

So how does all this benefit the US? Why, we get the satisfaction of accelerating global warming AND a an oil price war. 2 3

Wake up, people.

Oil Wars

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  1. And now that the EPA administrators are playing down the water pollution issues of fracking that will be easier to do one the Manchurian President-elect takes office. If, indeed, the Clown Prince doesn’t kill that agency’s budget all together.
  2. We can hardly wait to see how the Manchurian Candidate-elect handles coal!
  3. Oops! And US shale producers will benefit, which of course means US insurance companies will also make money hand over fist due to all the new earthquake coverage policies they’ll write.

Trump: Après l’abattage

A long-time reader posted an email our way last night; he was commenting on the continuing (if not escalating) intransigence of those both left and right, as evidenced by the comments regarding a recent post by local blogger Ms. Patton.

The post itself was the usual weak tea (milk and sugar added) served up as reasonableness 1: let the ‘winners’ gloat; don’t go off half-cocked; figure out what “went wrong”, stay involved and maintain one’s perspective. Strictly middle-of-the-road, both in terms of tenor and advice. As our email correspondent pointed out, however, the comments were combative, both sides at least as entrenched as before the election.

Trump: Après l'abattage

Another email, this from a friend:

I’m so fucking mad and disgusted about the election. I always felt Americans aren’t the smartest lot, but this makes me worry how far we could slide into the far-right abyss. The economy is in decent shape and we’re already showing early signs of post WWI Germany fear mongering.

If there’s any bright side, I hope it pushes liberals and younger people into public service and actually paying attention. The anger/fear after this election makes 2004 look like a sunny episode of the West Wing.

It also frustrates the hell out of me that white women voted for that monster, plus 1/3 of Latinos. WTF??!?! And, 23% of people who wanted “policies more liberal than Obama” voted for him. I honestly don’t get it.

Alas, we fight on

Trump: Après l'abattage

Meesha awoke from his massive slumber to post information and maps concerning the region’s fallout shelters.

Is that classic Russian understatement or what?

Trump: Après l'abattage

From another friend:

As I’ve always maintained, when America destroys itself it will be through thoughtless emotionalism. I figure less than 1% or less of this past Tuesday’s voters went into the election booths weighing the proposed policies of one candidate against the other’s. Indeed, I’ve been hard pressed since to discover anyone who can outline for me, even in the broadest sense, exactly what the candidates’ policies were.

Trump: Après l'abattage

Another friend, ex-Cali now dragooned-Texan, from down Houston way:

It appears to the executives that Trump is willing to slit his own throat to spite the Chinese; the executives are worried, already we’re seeing oversees investment money (she works at JP Morgan) being pulled back home. If this continues the US won’t be able to finance itself. And the Chinese, who have been getting out of Treasuries, announced they’re going to start their own global free-trade organization, which will allow international investors to more easily profit from developing global trade by putting cash in other countries that agree to the Chinese trade pact… Trump sold his voters on the notion that he will get the better of the Chinese, but judging by the outflow of capital the reality is already the other way around. You heard President Xi the other day, right? “President Trump is going to have to compromise.”

Trump: Après l'abattage

And on and on and on. So it goes.

Frack You!

The Great Lakes will drain into the Gulf of Mexico through the Mississippi River.

Personally we’re at least as worried about what Myron Ebell will undo/roll back over at the EPA than what any other Trump appointee will get up to. 2 Trump has indicated he wants to downsize the agency, repeal all federal spending on clean energy and pull the US out of the Paris climate accord.

Trump has also stated he wants to scrap every major regulation President Obama put in place to reduce US carbon dioxide emissions, including the Clean Power Plan.

Trump: Après l'abattage

Morning After Analysis abounds; herewith follows ours, and then we’re done with the subject. And with Trump.

The fact is the Confederacy Party turned out in droves for Trump, all their leaders’ public posturing to the contrary. The “decent” republicans also voted Trump. And a main reason for that is the Right’s pathological hatred of Clinton.

No matter – the same hatred would have existed for Sanders (He’s a New York, socialist Jew!) 3. In fact though few US leaders appeal more to the world as a whole than Barack Obama, back here the hatred toward him has been scary: a recent poll showed 57% of Republicans believed him to be a secret Muslim, and 24% thought he might be the Antichrist.  The actual Antichrist. 4

One might postulate The Deplorables don’t actually believe the tripe they’re uttering, that these phrases are convenient conversational quips to carry around from bar to work and bar again; instantly recognized flags among like tribe members. As was voting for Trump.

And ultimately Trump’s willingness to not settle for the same tired old dog whistles, but to actually incite the very worst of the racists among them, to baldly slander and demean women (as a real man would), to sling his wrinkled lil’ 70 year old dick around as a threat to China and anyone else in the world who doesn’t believe Amurika Is #1, all that counted for far more with the Confederacy’s True Believers than the embarrassingly overt facts of Trump’s narcissistic sociopathy, or his stunning unfitness for the office, not to mention his total lack of interest in actual governance. 5

So there’s that.

We shudder at the seemingly immeasurable damage of which a Trump presidency is capable. At a bare minimum Trump’s taking office will immediately put the US presidency on a par with that of Rodrigo Duterte’s. And if think that hyperbole, you haven’t been paying attention.

But the worst of Trump’s policies will come at the expense of The Deplorables who voted for him, the poor/working class who eagerly gave the rest of us the finger.

We expect the next 4 years to be more than grim.

And, frankly, we’re not going to participate. After this post we will not write the word ‘Trump’ again, or comment on his antics, even though he prance around naked and gibber. 6 Life’s too short; good night and good luck.

“The fault dear Brutus, is not in our stars but in ourselves…”

Trump: Après l'abattage

Show 6 footnotes

  1. Ms. Patton would have felt right at home on the erstwhile Star editorial board, though we suspect her POV will be too reasonable for the future conservative Star editorial board.
  2. the way Oklahoma continues to rock the Midwestern world with their unabated fracking makes at least one of Edgar Cayce’s prophecies more and more likely….
  3. Trifecta!!!!
  4. Which speaks very, very poorly about the education system in this country. The ‘antichrist’? Seriously? What the fuck is WRONG with these people?
  5. We won’t speak of what laughably passes for his deportment.
  6. We mean, some more.

Let’s Talk Scents

I can’t do politics any more. I just can’t.

Let’s talk scents… 1

Let's Talk Scents

GQ: What do you imagine success smelling like?

Hair Furer: I can’t say sweetness. I can’t say flowery. I would say it has a good scent.

GQ: So, those were the qualities you were looking for when you made your new cologne, Success?

Hair Furer: Well, we did a lot of testing. I relied on the professionals to a certain extent. I asked them for a range of what’s been acceptable over the years and they brought me a lot of things. But I made the final choice.

GQ: How long have you been wearing cologne?

Hair Furer: I started in my 30s. More or less for formal events. I’d wear it with tudos (sp) and things. But over the years I think, really, I’ve changed. I tend to use cologne more. I’ve always liked sweet smells.

GQ: How do you apply cologne? Are you a walk-through-the-cloud guy?

Hair Furer: I just spray my neck and behind the ears.

GQ: Are there smells you hate?

Hair Furer: Well 2 , there are things you don’t want to mention. In terms of fragrance, sometimes I smell things on people that are just terrible—things that make you not like them. We tried to stay away from those things. 3

GQ: What should someone smell like for an interview?

Hair Furer: I would say it depends on how close they’re going to get. If I’m doing an interview with a person from my desk, the person’s fifteen feet away or more, then I don’t smell the fragrance.

GQ: So have you ever fired someone because they literally stunk?

Hair Furer: No. Actually, maybe that’s not a correct answer. I’ve had people where it’s a little unpleasant. Not because of the cologne—I’ve never fired anybody for the wrong cologne—but I have fired people that, and maybe it wasn’t the main reason, didn’t exactly smell good. Maybe that was an early indicator, as they say.

Success by Trump will be sold as a four-piece collection and range from $14 to $55. 4

Let's Talk Scents

Show 4 footnotes

  1. And perhaps drive some Trumpistas mad.
  2.  Menstruating women!
  3. And menstruating women. I hate that.
  4. I can’t imagine His Reign lasting, at the most, more than a couple of years. But oh what years the will be…

Worse Than Idiocracy

I was so wrong.

When I went to bed last night America was still one of the few countries incapable of electing a Hitler, a Mussolini or even (more aptly) a Berlusconi; America had mostly moved past –at least at the Federal level– apartheid as policy; America was also conservative enough to not elect as president a person who by their very presence would roil the markets 1; America was still a country with common sense enough to not elect a narcissistic sociopath with a record of failed businesses and marriages trailing behind him, a man whose singular policy was to emotionally evoke a time when whites ruled and women and niggers knew their place.

When I went to bed America had an eye on the future.

When I awoke America appeared a failed democratic experiment, ready to deport or imprison anyone of color, regardless of legal status; America is now ready to stack SCOTUS with the justices to make the preceding (and much, much more) happen 2; America has decided to devolve in the face of impending demographic change, though that decision surely will not stop the coming tide.

I woke this morning to find that portion of America, the “I Told You Sos”, who after 8 years of a near hysteria at Obama’s presidency, had risen up their orange-tinted golem for one last tilt at inevitability.

It promises to be a bloody and ultimately futile four years. 3

Worse Than Idiocracy

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  1. At this writing the Nikkei has dropped nearly 6% with European and American markets expected to similarly drop when they open.
  2. The Senate ReThugs treasonous refusal to even hold hearings on Obama’s SCOTUS pick looms oh so much larger now.
  3. The emails at work are already flying; no one can even begin to imagine how Trump might reconfigure the cabinet-level departments.

America’s Gambling Culture

There’s way, way too much of that in America. And too much of the new wealth has gone to people who either own a casino or are playing in a casino. And I don’t think the exaltation of that group has been good for life generally, and I am to some extent a member of that group.

I’m always afraid I’ll be a terrible example for the youth who want to make a lot of money with and not do much for anybody else and who just want to be shrewd about buying little pieces of paper. Even if you do that very honestly, I don’t consider it much of a life. Just being shrewd about buying little pieces of paper, shrewder than other people, is not an adequate life. It’s not a good example for other people.

America's Gambling Culture

Après l’abattage

Well, if nothing else, if all I take away from this bout of March Madness is bone bruises, shame and utter humiliation, I will have at least learned, once and for all – never never never select a Big 12 team.

They always play down to expectations. 1

Après l'abattage

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  1. That’s right: I am beside myself in anticipation of Kansas & Oklahoma’s play today. Hoo boy!