Lil’ Donnie Playing Army

OF COURSE lil’ Donnie wants a military parade to review; it’s the ultimate physical manifestation of his strongman impulses.

He adores the idea of all the Elite Trump Praetorian Guards high-stepping (You can’t march like that with bone-spurs, amirightwinkwinknudgenudge!?) past his reviewing stand, all responding to the crisp “Eyes, right!” command 1 while simultaneously saluting their Pretender in Chief.

Or…better idea!…the Magnificence and Might that is America’s Grand Chancellor could lead the parade.

You know, if his bone spurs don’t make that impossible.

But the best part!? Dollars to doughnuts says that if this lunacy comes to fruition, lil’ Donnie will be wearing a custom designed military-like suit, perhaps something along the lines of the Army’s dress blues, but let out a whole bunch, and bemedaled the likes of which Sheriff Clark could only begin to imagine.

And an inspiring song, that’s what needed to finish the spectacle off!

I know I’d attend; It would be glorious.

Lil' Donnie Playing Army

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  1. Or ‘left’, depending from which direction Donnie’s putative parade begins; the military is currently looking at destroying Pennsylvania Avenue for lil’ Donnie, then exiting via New York Avenue NW, but it makes more sense to hold this childish exercise south of the White House, along Constitution Avenue.

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