Slit Their Little Throats

The very stable genius in the White House this morning took to burning up the Twitter machine in order to attain a peaceful accord with not only North Korea, but also in a genuine effort to calm both Palestinians and Israeli Jews. Finally, in what may be a bit of an overreach, the very stable genius reached out to Pakistan to reassure that country he doesn’t mean to nuke them into a sea of paved glass…

Hahahahahahahahaha. Just kidding!

Of course what the president* actually did was use the Twitter machine 1 to spin a few self-serving lies and blatantly clueless ‘defenses’ of his troubling mental ‘capacities.’

Meh – same as it ever was…

More interesting, in light of the recent publication of Fire and Fury (along with Mueller’s inevitable disclosure of the president*’s financial records), is the question of what happens with the president*’s stupidly loyal ReThug base, a cult who since the president*’s  inauguration have screamed themselves hoarse in their mole like Jim ones like efforts to defend the risibly indefensible.

Surely the president* will want to reward their witless devotion?

Granted, the president* is not the type of man to break faith with his supporters once he has no more use for them 2, but…we do think the below vid might be indicative of current WH thinking.

Bonne chance, you rabid little bunnies.

Slit Their Little Throats

Show 2 footnotes

  1. A machine now officially broken with the news that Twitter will not ban any world leader, no matter how deranged, homicidal or incompetent: Free Speech: Now With More Guns!
  2. Tom Price, Sebastian Gorka, Sloppy Steve Bannon, Anthony Scaramucci, Sean Spicer, Reince Priebus, Mike Dubke, James Comey, Mike Flynn, Sally Yates and Omarosa all being the very very few exceptions that prove the rule.

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