Stormy Daniels in the Flesh!

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I don’t care what Trump has said about not using alcohol or drugs; I KNOW stoned when I see it, and that dude is BAKED!

As we mentioned the other day, Stormy Daniels, the president*’s expensive Gal Pal, will be removing most (if not all) of her clothes  in an exclusive engagement this Friday and Saturday evening at LEGS down in Knobtown.1

There will be a $10 cover charge payable at the door, but –as befits a high priced “sex therapist” 2— if you want to grab a table, be prepared to shell out some cash:

All tables are bottle service only.
You have to come in and pre pay to reserve tables.
Bottles start at 300 just like any normal night.

Thank You
Legs KC

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$300 for some cheap ass vodka? I don’t think so – leave that shit to those with flash cash.

The good news is LEGS is not engaging in price gouging; $300 is the normal price for a bottle table. 3

The bad news? Holy shit! $300 for a bottle table is normal?!

We’re thinking the only people that can afford to see Stormy in the flesh are the usual Chiefs’ party crew, one or two “bad boy” Royals (who will sneak out of the house and attempt to go ‘incognito’ at the club itself), a few management types “in the life” 4, perhaps an enterprising journalist or two who’ve convinced their editor(s) “there’s a story there”, or even a group of youngish JoCo bros (frat members all) who pool their resources to see what the excitement’s all about.

If you go, send pics, please. Preferably selfies with Stormy lurking somewhere in the background.

Stormy Daniels in the Flesh!

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  1. Heh heh heh; he said “knob”.
  2. Because you KNOW Trump wrote that $130K off on his taxes, right? All he had to do is get that quack of a doctor to “prescribe” it…after the fact, winkwinknudgenudgeknowotimean?
  3. For $300 I’d expect the bottle to be D’usse XO, which would provide the bar with a $40 profit. However, knowing full well the markup in those places is YUUUGE, I’d settle for a bottle of Martel’s Cordon Bleu. But CIROC vodka? That’s just trashy…
  4. No, I didn’t say pimps.

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