It’s a Sicilian Russian Message

So…our “ambassador” to the UN, Nikki Haley, sent the below “note” to the other ambassadors before the UN Security Council voted on the president*’s Jerusalem declaration. 1

Hilariously, Haley begins in a threatening tone (“Great little country you have there. Be a shame something were to happen to it, ya know?”) then ends with a patented Miss Manners southern etiquette close, bless her lil’ heart.

The entire UN Security Council probably laughed, perhaps even out loud and in front Haley, as they read it. I bet after vote went against the president’s ‘resolution’ they all went out for drinks (sans Nikki, n’est-ce pas?) and high-fived each other.

I swear to Thor this group of imbeciles make third world dictators appear like revered statesmen.

It's a  Russian Message

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  1. Said vote going against the US, 14 – 1. Guess the other countries had not seen The Godfather movies. Or…you know…couldn’t quite see the president* as threatening as Marlon Brando. Or, given the nature of some of these countries, did not find the prospect of a severed horse’s head in their bed as a scary thing.

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