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11th December 2017


You have been unsually silent on Senator Franken’s resignation. Surely you think he did the correct thing?

Rose Carter

Dear Rose,

I don’t find the Franken case that cut and dried.

To begin with no one has accused Franken of sexual harassment/assault during his senatorial tenure. 1 That being the case, and at the risk of being Damonized 2, I see no reason for Franken to step down.

Were Franken running for office, his past behavior would certainly be fair game and Minnesotans could decide for themselves whether he should be elected. 3 But to call for his resignation now is in a very real sense an undermining of our Democracy, especially since Franken has been one of the more effective Democrats in Congress.

If you think this an invalid argument, chances are you’re a ReThug, a Single Issue Voter, or just plain stupid:

The ReThug-controlled Congress is set to upend our national economy simply to gift millionaires/billionaires with money they don’t need. And they’re doing it as a prelude for the ReThugs to later claim they need to kill Medicare/Medicaid  because the tax base isn’t there 4 to fund both an endless war machine and the necessary support systems for our citizens. We need every competent hand on deck, folks.

Finally, unacceptable jackassery while not serving in the US Senate is not equivalent to a US Representative exposing himself to an aid or another US Representative offering his staff members $5 million to bear his child. Sorry, but it’s just not.

(To me the most chilling part of all this was the howls of indignation and yells for Franken’s resignation coming from the Democrats, most of whom Franken has made look like bought-off stooges or simply inept; will the Dems ever discover an appendage not worthy of hacking off to spite their own goals?)

Which leads me to my second point: I’m not 100% sure the Franken story is complete. There is a recent move, even among some Democrats who originally knee-jerked, for Franken to reverse his resignation.

I believe that to be the correct course.

While women might see that as a perpetuation of the “old boy” network in Congress, and a direct diss toward current Minnesota Lt. Governor Tina Smith, who’s main claim to fame is (like Mike Pence with the president*) she does whatever Governor Dayton wants, the fact of the matter is Smith is not ready for prime time.

Moreover should Smith be seated this would mean both Minnesota Senators would be up for reelection next year; instead of a probable Democratic bulwark for the US Senate, the ReThugs would redouble their efforts to turn the state at least purple, if not outright red.

So, no, I don’t think Franken should resign.

Or at least…he should not resign until the sitting president* of the United States resigns.

Best Regards,

Fan Mail From Some Flounder

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  1. That I’m aware of; please feel free to comment (with links) should I be in error.
  2. See Damon’s original comments here.
  3. In fact that’s exactly what happened and Franken was still voted in to office.
  4. Hello, Kansas!

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