Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

In case you didn’t catch VICE last night…

Sweet Jebus on a fucking pogo stick!

You know what? You just have to give up on these retards; you simply can not get these deplorables to winnow the disinformation and lies from truth in their little brains. They have been too thoroughly programmed.

Well, fuck ’em.

These particular Alabamans are no different than the TeaBaggers. Or the boomer schmucks who voted for Shrub (they said they didn’t…but they so totally did.) and later became libertarians instead of just admitting they were part of Shrub’s/The Dark Lord’s Eternal War on Civilization. And after next Tuesday, these maggots will eventually gin up a way to deny they voted for a child molester, I promise you.

It’s unfortunate but natural selection isn’t doing what it should ’cause monsters like the ReThugs keep gaming the system; it may well be we’ll have to step in and assist…

But these jackasses? Write ’em off. It may not be too late to reach their kids, but these folks are a waste of air.

Why We Can't Have Nice Things

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