Au Courant

Before we get to the links, please note ONLY conference champions should be considered for the FSB semi-finals.

This regardless of individual records, or Nick Saban’s constant plummy pleas.

To include a non-conference champion reduces the playoffs to but a continuation of the “old” rigged bowl system whereby certain teams were selected to certain bowls based on behind-the-scenes politics and shit piles of cash…

Oh, wait…never mind.

This week’s au courant links:

Tweet O’ the Week –

And finally, in honor of our coming 3rd world shit-hole status…

Au Courant

Show 2 footnotes

  1. Can hardly wait for that split second the mouth-breathing deplorables finally understand that, yes, that means their Medicare, Medicaid an SS is disappearing.
  2. Riiiiiiiiight; because the original Smell-O-Vision did so well.

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