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This week’s au courant links:

Word of the Week: Oumuamua, from the Hawaiian: ou.mua.mua, meaning ‘scout’. 4

And finally, how to survive a parachute fail: 5

Gobble Gobble

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  1. Apparently Rand’s a combination of Mr. Wilson and a pussy.
  2. Original news story.
  3. ’cause he just makes shit up.
  4. Egads; let’s hope not.
  5. Correct, though almost always useless advice; we did jump with a guy (back when we had far more testosterone than common sense) who had both ‘chutes fail. The way he survived was by aiming for a century old barn, which roof he crashed through as though it were made of balsa wood (terminal velocity for a skydiver: Est. 53 m/s; 195 km/h or 122 mph) through the loft (full of moldering hay) and finally into fresher hay on the ground (ouch!) We don’t remember exactly how many bones he broke/shattered, but do recall that he was back on active duty in just under a year. See? Fairy tales can come true, it can happen to you, if you’re young at heart…

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