Off Your Knees, Kansas City!

November 23rd, 2017 UPDATE: Vanity Fair published the following under the title:

The 12 Most Desperate Stunts Cities Have Pulled to Woo Amazon’s New H.Q.

Kansas City, Missouri

Kansas City mayor Sly James—or, more accurately, some young staffer or intern in his office—bought and then reviewed 1,000 Amazon products for charities in the city, giving each a five-star rating. Every review has since been aggregated on James’s Web site; here’s what he had to say about some wind chimes:

“When it comes to my house and my housewares, there’s nothing I value more than bang for my buck. I live in beautiful Kansas City where the average home price is just $122K, so I know luxe living doesn’t have to cost a ton. That’s why at $14.99, these wind chimes are music to my ears. They have a soothing timbre, a stylish look, a durable aluminum construction, and they catch the wind just as beautifully as far more expensive models. I’ll tell you, when I’m sitting out in the backyard of my reasonably priced home in a safe neighborhood with great schools and these chimes start to tinkle, it feels like the whole world is singing just for me.”

Off Your Knees, Kansas City!

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