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September 29 2017


I’ve always wanted to ask, are you black?

VM Snow
Grandview, MO


Am I black? Am I fuck! Trust me; you would know were I black.


October 3 2017


I read your post about Mueller perhaps not even issuing a public report on his finding re Trump et al or worse making no recommendation. I don’t see how he could possibly do that and it scares me to death. Isn’t there some other way of removing Trump?

Tracey Whitman
Lee’s Summit, MO


I did indeed point out that the law does not require Mueller to present/release a public report, or indeed any report.

I certainly can not imagine, however, given the facts exposed over the last year, that Mueller would do so, but it remains an option. In any event I fully expect Mueller to indict at least a half dozen of the Generalissimo’s closest campaign advisors as well as some current White House denizens. Whether Mueller’s investigation unearths enough legal proof to remove The Orange Cheeto from office is anyone’s guess.

Speaking to that uncertainty, I have recently found myself wondering where Jody Foster’s putative boyfriends are keeping themselves these days; hey!, no need to be shy, guys. Same with any group of people desperate to save the country via a hare-brained kidnapping scheme: C’mon on down, gentlemen! Let’s talk. 1

Best Regards,

October 9 2017

Why are you so down on Trump? Surely he’s done something worthwhile since he was sworn in? Look at what he’s proposing to do with the trade agreements and Iran. Both those things will make America stronger. And I know you think he’s stupid for wanting a Mexican wall, but that’s necessary to halt the unending flow of Mexicans. Open your mind instead of just being another libtard mouthpiece for the MSM.

Del Sawyer,
Olathe, KS


Let me think… Okay, try this:

  • After a highly devise election, the President* has succeeded in uniting the country. True, not in the manner we expected, but still…
  • In the three weeks since Hurricane Maria not another American protectorate and/or territory 2 has been decimated or partially decimated. And you can’t really count Houston, ’cause who coulda seen that one coming, amirite? Or that bitch Irma? Who knew! So, you know, given there around 10K cities in America, his record ‘protecting’ them is pretty good. So there’s that.
  • Also, since he fired all the U.S. District Attorneys (including a special firing of Preet Bharara), the Government Ethics Office director Walter Schaub, the FBI Director, as well as almost everyone else, the President* appears to have restored a certain neo-Confederate integrity to government. Who doesn’t like lil’ Jeffy Sessions!

And those are the things just off the top of my head. I’m sure, give time and motivation, I could think of others!

All the best,

Fan Mail From Some Flounder

Show 2 footnotes

  1. Of course the issue here is that the individuals/groups of people most likely to engage in such behavior are ardent Generalissimo supporters. So, no help there. Also…that is proscribed behavior.
  2. American Samoa, Guam, Northern Mariana Islands, U.S. Virgin Islands and (most unfortunately for them) Puerto Rico.

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