Fan Mail From Some Flounder

24 September 2017

How are you doing? What is your name?

My name is Diana. When the last time you were on the site? I really want to chat with you.
I like your photos, so I send you my own.
I hope that you will write to me on my email or hotmail ID, do you have such one?
Please write back!
Email me at

Warm regards Diana.

Dear Diana

Thanks for the note but holy shit is this even still a thing?

In any event, I believe you have me confused with someone else, perhaps our local Russian émigré? He’s already looking at how he might repopulate our fair city in the event of a thermonuclear war, so perhaps he’ll have some time for you. Just ‘friend’ him on FB and put your proposal to him; he’s easy, I swear.


p.s. – the photos weren’t attached; perhaps you want to try again?

Fan Mail From Some Flounder

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