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Lees and Orts

In International Asshat News comes the following:

Martin Shkreli got slammed into jail Wednesday when a federal judge delivered a poetic punch line to the Pharma Bro’s Hillary Clinton jokes.

Brooklyn Federal Judge Kiyo Matsumoto revoked Shkreli’s $5 million bail Wednesday evening, saying his $5,000 bounty on Clinton’s hair was the final straw.

She said his recent Facebook post calling for someone to pluck the ex-presidential candidate’s locks during her recent book tour could “cause a reasonable person to have concern.”

And even if Shkreli wasn’t being violent himself, no one knows what his online devotees were capable of doing, the judge said.

Don’t care what anyone thinks, I’m enjoying this immensely…

Lees and Orts

Early this morning the BBC…the fucking Beeb for fuck’s sake…noted that the Indains were likely to smash the Al consecutive game wins record against the KC Royals the next few days.

Bad enough to suck, but to suck internationally…

Lees and Orts

Eventually 1 Congress and the WH will address America’s infrastructure woes.

We already know Generalissimo Donaldo Juan Trumpo‘s preference is to offload the ownership and management of such to private organizations; comes now a cautionary tale from The Cousins about how that normally plays out 2:

How hard can it be to be the chief executive of a privatised British water company? Your customers are determined by geography, your prices set by a regulator and designed to offer ample scope to fund both capital expenditure and to pay returns to your investors. Pretty much all you have to do is to make sure your sewage plants work and to keep the public waterways clear of human waste.

Yet even this bare minimum seems to have eluded Martin Baggs, the former boss of Thames Water. He, you might recall, was the man at the corporate stopcock when the utility’s malfunctioning plants spilled so much excrement into the Thames that locals in the Berkshire town of Little Marlow took to referring to the scum-covered surface as “crappucino”. The company was this year fined a record £20m for venting 4.2bn litres of raw sewage into the rivers Thames and Thame between 2012 and 2013.

Not that this escapade unduly crimped Mr Baggs’ career prospects. Despite evidence of negligence in its operations that later led a judge to brand the company’s actions “borderline deliberate”, he not only prospered after its disclosure, but received a rise of 60 per cent in 2015, taking his pay to a princely £2m. He stood down last year, showered with encomiums for his “huge contribution”.

To be fair to Mr Baggs, he is not alone. The boring job of plumbing seems almost an afterthought in determining the rewards of water supremos. Not only is pay uniformly high: Steve Mogford, chief executive of United Utilities, collected £2.8m last year, for instance. But if things go wrong, well, why should a bit of sewage stop those cheques rolling? In 2016, Yorkshire Water was fined £1.7m for polluting a lake near Wakefield and a section of the River Ouse. But that didn’t prevent it handing its boss Richard Flint £1.2m…

…The regulator needs to look again at the generosity of its regime, and its cock-eyed governance. As things stand, water privatisation looks little more than an organised rip-off. Quite why this natural monopoly should not operate through not-for-profit, public interest companies is ever less clear.

Generalissimo Donaldo Juan Trumpo will undoubtedly reference the Flint, MI, fiasco in making his case for privatization. As the FT justly points out, there’s no guarantee private industry will do better, and in fact do much worse.

Lees and Orts

From the NYT’s:

America faces two serious national security threats today that look wildly different but have one core feature in common — they both have a low probability of happening, but, if they did happen, they could have devastating consequences for our whole country and the world…

…The other low-probability, high-impact threat is climate change fueled by increased human-caused carbon emissions. The truth is, if you simply trace the steady increase in costly extreme weather events — wildfires, floods, droughts and climate-related human migrations — the odds of human-driven global warming having a devastating impact on our planet are not low probability but high probability.

But let’s assume for a minute that because climate change is a complex process — which we do not fully understand — climate change is a low-probability, high-impact event just like a North Korean nuclear strike. What is the Trump team doing when confronted with this similar threat?

It’s taking a spike and poking out its own eyes. In possibly the most intellectually corrupt declaration of the Trump era — a high bar — Scott Pruitt, a longtime shill for oil and gas companies now masquerading as the head of the E.P.A., actually declared that even discussing possible links between human-driven climate disruptions and the recent monster storms was “insensitive.” He said that after our country got hit by two Atlantic Category 4 hurricanes in the same year for the first time since records have been kept — storms made more destructive by rising ocean levels and warmer ocean waters.

Makes me wonder … if Pruitt were afflicted with cancer, would he not want scientists discussing with him, let alone researching, the possible causes and solutions? Wouldn’t want to upset him.

Cancer? From the Time’s page to Thor’s ears…

Lees and Orts

Also from the NYT’s, Nancy Pelosi has given up even pretending she’s not a shill for the insurance industry.

While Sanders got 16 co-sponsors on his bill, something that would have been unthinkable a couple of years ago, Pelosi is nattering on about how “single payer system is not a  litmus test” for the Dems.

How much money does this greedy lil’ idiot need?

Time for her to go.

Lees and Orts

Yes, we are keeping a list.

The Undisclosed Russia Contacts List 3

Debatable inclusions (e.g., Ivanka or Dearborn) are omitted.

  1. Cohen
  2. Flynn
  3. Gordon
  4. Kushner
  5. Manafort
  6. Page
  7. Papadopoulos
  8. Phares
  9. POTUS
  10. Prince
  11. Sater
  12. Sessions
  13. Stone
  14. Trump Jr.

Lees and Orts

A scene from the current White House, on any given day…

Lees and Orts

Show 3 footnotes

  1. Assuming Generalissimo Donaldo Juan Trumpo disburses plenty of bribes to the ReThugs in Congress in order they not vote to impeach him.
  2. Exactly as one might suspect: grandiose incompetence, with the usual theft thrown in for good measure.
  3. As yet; list is from leaks only, the full list is certainly much longer.

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