Kansas City

Anyone happen upon one of the new parking meters downtown over the weekend; what did you think?

With more people flocking downtown, [Kansas] City is upping the ante by injecting smart technologies into the downtown parking experience. The goal is to make parking downtown more user-friendly, so the City is installing single and multi-space parking meters.

For this 90-day demonstration, four different smart-parking technology vendors are installing meters in the River Market, Crossroads Arts District and Central Business District. Paid parking will be new for the River Market, with the demo meters on 5th Street, 3rd Street, Main Street and Grand Boulevard.

Enforcement of the new meters will be weekdays from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. and time regulations at meter locations will not change. The parking rate is set at $1 an hour in an attempt to encourage parking space turnover…

…The meters start operating on Friday, Sept. 1, at 8 a.m. The meters have all been installed except at the Crossroads, where they should be in place within 30 days.

You can leave feedback “about your experience” with the new meters either here or here.

For our part, you won’t catch us anywhere near the areas the new meters are going in: A buck an hour is simply a money grab. We spent a part of our summer in Breck and they, too, have installed new meters, which you can use a phone app, or just give the damn things coins or (magnetic) money. Breck charges for the first hour, on the busiest street in town, just 50 cents 1.

Kansas City

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  1. Their page is misleading, suggesting that an additional hour will cost $1.50, and more after that; the truth is you can buy 15 minute increments for as long as you need at a cheaper rate.

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