Hurricane Irma

As we type Hurricane Irma has been declared a Category 5 storm (Harvey was a 4 when it drowned Houston.)

Currently NASA is tracking the storm and anticipates it hitting the leeward islands sometime Wednesday. It might also still make Maryland, with WDC right in its path. 1

Another possible path sends it slicing across Florida, hopefully right through Mar a Lago, though it is far more likely to destroy Generalissimo Donaldo Juan Trumpo’s Caribbean mansion, le Ch teau des Palmiers.

Sadly, a third path tracks Irma skittering across the Caribbean to strike Texas. Again.

Here’s hoping le Ch teau des Palmiers takes the brunt of the storm.

Hurricane Irma

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  1. Which would be GREAT, if it would confine its damage to the Capitol building and the current occupant of the White House. Alas, storms driven by man-made climate change appear to be indiscriminate monsters.

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