The President\’s Enemies

The current president* 1 has ‘enemies’. 2 His new 2020 3 reelection video explicitly calls them out, blaming these ‘enemies’ for holding America back…

Jebus H. K-rist on a fucking pogo stick! Can you imagine the carnage were this overgrown infant to get his way? It doesn’t bear contemplation…

The President's Enemies

Show 3 footnotes

  1. I believe Charles Pierce has it exactly right.
  2. One supposes if by ‘enemies’ the president* means foes of fascists and dictators, he’s correct.
  3. The “rallies” the president* can’t seem to live without? Yeah, they’re actually fund raisers for his 2020 reelection bid. Yet another conflict of interest norm to which the president* seems unable to abide. Hell, were Nora to allow us to gamble we the type to place an occasional wager, we’d bet that the president* is out raising as much cash as he can, if only to make a profit off his whole failing administration before he’s tossed from office.

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