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Not for nuthin’, but can you imagine the glee with which Sean Spicer is watching as his old boss self immolates?

Lees and Orts

The article is entitled Steve Bannon, Unrepentant.

Apparently, just out of the blue, Bannon called The Prospect’s co-editor/columnist Robert Kuttner, whereupon Bannon pretty much called the president* wrong on North Korea, dis’d alt-right & white supremacists as “clowns” and “losers”, then proceeded to limn how he would vanquish his administration rivals (‘They’re wetting themselves,’ he said.)

This is obviously Bannon’s last interview as a member of the president’s* administration. The only remaining questions are 1) when will Stevie take his leave 1 2, and 2) was the interview given knowing he was out of a job, or did he really think he could cross this president* in public and nothing would happen?

Pretty much delicious, either way.

UPDATE: Welllllll…we suspected Bannon would be gone quickly, but holy fast exit, Batman.

Lees and Orts

In other petite bourgeoisie back-biting, the Capital Bikeshare station at the White House has disappeared.

The Obama administration had requested it. SO, of course the current president* has it removed.

The District’s Department of Transportation confirmed Wednesday that it removed the nine-slot Bikeshare station this week at the Trump administration’s request.

Unlike every other Bikeshare station in the region, this one was not accessible to the public and could only be used by commuters who had access to White House grounds. The Obama administration requested the station in 2010.

It’s unclear why the White House wanted it removed. The White House didn’t immediately respond to requests for comment.

“I expect my staff to arrive at work in over-priced and ostentatious cars; exercise is for the proles”, the president* did not say.
Lees and Orts

Lees and Orts

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  1. We’re giving even money on “Over the weekend.”
  2. Though, “by the end of the day” is also a fair bet.

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