20 Tons of Chocolate

Police in central Germany are hunting for thieves who made off with a semi-trailer loaded with around 20 tons of chocolate. Meanwhile, a truck filled with juice has disappeared from the north of the country.

Police put out an appeal for information on Monday after the refrigerated trailer and its cargo of Nutella, Kinder Surprise eggs and other chocolate treats vanished from the town of Neustadt over the weekend.

“Anyone offered large quantities (of chocolate) via unconventional channels should report it 1 to the police immediately,” a statement said.

The load, believed to be worth up to 70,000 euros ($82,000), was likely stolen between Saturday evening and midday Sunday, officers said.

Food theft will always happen because food can be bartered for nearly anything.

While stationed on The Continent I some people traded their smokes & booze rations on a monthly basis for…let’s say, off-base housing. 2 But the tons of maple syrup heisted in Canada, the chocolate in Germany, blueberries (again in Canada) and honeydew melons…ALSO up in Canada! 3,not to mention  avocados in Cali, is on a completely different level.

20 Tons of Chocolate

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  1. Fat chance, so to speak…
  2. And let’s not bother going into what you could trade food for in Asia back in the day.
  3. What the fuck, Hamilton?

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