On Christopher Wray

Obscured by lil’ Donnie Junior’s slow-motion, phantasmagoric self immolation 1 2 is Christopher Wray, lil’ Donnie Senior’s nominee to the FBI.

Wray, unlike James Comey, falls more in line with other OMP‘s nominees; he was part of Shrub’s DoJ and redacted documents strongly suggest Wray was involved in implementing the use of torture in pursuit of The Dark Lord’s false Global War on Terror.

In my book that would be more than enough to disqualify him, but there’s more: Wray’s response to reports of inmate abuse at Abu Ghraib Prison also suggests he is a willing lapdog of the powerful instead of a rule of law adherent. 3

Add to this his defense of Christie’s Bridgegate shenanigans: Is there any doubt Wray would protect/rule for the neo-kleptocrats stuffed into this WH administration rather than resign?

We think not. The DEMs need to send Wray home, jobless.

On Christopher Wray

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  1. Once again, for the record: There is no such thing as an ‘ex’ GRU/FSB agent, much as there is no such thing as an ‘ex’ CIA agent, an ‘ex’ los costra nostra or even an ‘ex’ Jarhead; some memberships are for life.
  2. I remember those long lost days when all we worried about was the president being ignorant of his own ignorance with certain fondness; it turns out the people he relies on are even more ignorant of their own stupidity.
  3. Much like lil’ Jeffy Sessions, who earlier in the week once again cock-blocked another avenue into the Russian 2016 election meddling.

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