Nevada\’s Drug Problem

Nevada officials have declared a state of emergency over marijuana: There’s not enough of it.

Since recreational pot became legal two weeks ago, retail dispensaries have struggled to keep their shelves stocked and say they will soon run out if nothing is done to fix a broken supply chain.

“We didn’t know the demand would be this intense,” Al Fasano, cofounder of Las Vegas ReLeaf, said Tuesday. “All of a sudden you have like a thousand people at the door. …We have to tell people we’re limited in our products.”

In declaring a state of emergency late last week, the state Department of Taxation warned that “this nascent industry could grind to a halt.”

As bad as that would be for marijuana consumers and the pot shops, the state has another concern: tax revenue. A 10% tax on sales of recreational pot — along with a 15% tax on growers — is expected to generate tens of millions of dollars a year for schools and the state’s general fund reserves.

The whole article is a must-read, but the gist is as follows: Nevada is running out of weed, due mostly to local legislative cowardice (induced by liquor industry lobbyists.) The Nevada Department of Taking Your Money is spazzing ’cause they’re losing whole shit-tons of Ameros.

Think Charles Foster Kane William Randolph Hearst’s cock-blocking the hemp industry.

One is tempted to enquire as to what the fuck the Nevada state legislature was smoking when they came up with this “plan”, but that seems obvious, n’est-ce pas?.

Nevada's Drug Problem

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