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Earlier this year, around $1 million worth of stolen bees were found in a field in Fresno County. Sgt. Arley Terrence with the Fresno County Sheriff’s Department says it was a “beehive chop shop.” 1

…”This is the biggest bee theft investigation that we’ve had,” Terrence says. Most of the time, he says, beehive thieves turn out to be “someone within the bee community.”

That was the case in the giant heist earlier this year. The alleged thief, Pavel Tveretinov, was a beekeeper from Sacramento who used the stolen bees for pollination and then stashed them on a plot of land in Fresno County. He was arrested and could face around 10 years of jail time. And authorities say he didn’t act alone. His alleged accomplice, Vitaliy Yeroshenko, has been charged and a warrant is out for his arrest.

Steve Godlin with the California State Beekeepers Association says the problem of hive theft gets worse every year. “There used to be kind of a code of honor that you didn’t mess with another man’s bees,” Godlin says. 2

It’s worth noting this is not just a local thang; the Kiwiws are having more serious issues.

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Speaking of stolen sticky sweet treats…

Four years ago, thieves in Quebec made international headlines after stealing 3,000 tons of maple syrup belonging to the Federation of Quebec Maple Syrup, often referred to as Quebec’s maple syrup “cartel.” At $2,000 per barrel (roughly 13 times the price of crude oil), it was one hell of a loot. And though much of it was never recovered, the total stolen volume was estimated at $18.7 million.

But as brazen as “The Great Canadian Maple Syrup Heist” of 2012 was, it didn’t take police a long time to track down the culprits. It did take some time, however, for police to work out the scale of the operation. Their investigation led to 26 arrests and more than 200 witnesses being interviewed by police, and we can finally get some closure in a case that shook la belle province to its sweet, sticky core.

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Where’s the “I Love It!” option?

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Doctors found a glioblastoma, a very aggressive cancer, when they opened up Sen. McCain’s head. Typical survival rate after diagnosis is roughly a year and a half.

Short term –politically– Maverick won’t be back in WDC for a while, making McConnell’s life a living hell. 3

Longer term –politically– it appears Kelli Ward will replace Maverick upon his death/resignation.

Assuming the cantankerous old fart doesn’t insist upon retaining his seat until he gorks out in chambers.

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The latest update on OMP‘s demands vis a vis visiting the UK:

Donald Trump reportedly told Theresa May he will not make a state visit to the UK until he is guaranteed a “better reception”.

The US President asked the Prime Minister to prepare a “warm welcome” before he agrees to set a date, it has been claimed.

The pair spoke on the phone to discuss the planned state visit, which has now been postponed until next year.

“I haven’t had great coverage out there lately, Theresa,” Mr Trump told Ms May, according to a transcript of the conversation seen by The Sun.

Ms May replied: “Well, you know what the British press are like.”

But Mr Trump added: “I still want to come, but I’m in no rush.

“So, if you can fix it for me, it would make things a lot easier.

“When I know I’m going to get a better reception, I’ll come and not before.”

There are no words…

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OMP‘s royal tendencies have started rubbing off on Peter Dinklage’s older, less smart brother, Jeff Sessions:

Washington (CNN) – Attorney General Jeff Sessions says he plans to continue in his job despite President Donald Trump’s comments that he’d have picked someone else had he known Sessions would recuse himself from the Justice Department’s Russia investigation.

We love this job. We love this department, and I plan to continue to do so as long as that is appropriate,” he told reporters Thursday.

The end will come shortly after OMP professes to have “total faith in Jeff Sessions.”

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One last thought; if you think the ReThugs are done with repealing the ACA, think again:

The Trump administration has spent taxpayer money meant to encourage enrollment in the Affordable Care Act on a public relations campaign aimed at methodically strangling it…

…Under Secretary Tom Price’s stewardship, HHS has filmed and produced a series of testimonial videos featuring individuals claiming to have been harmed by Obamacare. Those ‘viral’ videos have had decidedly limited reach, often gathering somewhere between 100 and 200 views each. But the Department has made a heavy investment in them nonetheless. To date, it has released 23 videos. A source familiar with the video production says that there have been nearly 30 interviews conducted in total, from which more than 130 videos have been produced.

Each testimonial has the same look, feel, and setting, with the subjects sitting before a gray backdrop and speaking directly to camera about how Obamacare has harmed their lives. They were all shot at the Department’s internal studio, according to numerous sources who worked for or continue to work at HHS. Under the Obama administration, it was customary that such videos were recorded and edited by an outside contractor who then billed the department for its work. One former official said that the contractor would charge roughly $550 an hour.

Best yet? The funding of these anti-ACA ads came from the HHS’ consumer information and outreach budget.

That’s correct – The current WH administration, and Tom Price, are creating and running anti-ACA ads with nearly half a billion dollars budgeted to get folks to enroll in the ACA.

Wake up, people.
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  1. How did they discover them; did the police mount a sting operation?
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