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The gal in the image below is fake.

Not “fake” in the pretending-to-be-someone-she’s-not sense, but fake in the sense she’s an actual plastic doll.

That’s right – she’s one of the products from Real Doll, apparently America’s response to the Japanese sex doll industry.

Real Doll puts out (snerk) several models, both male & female, as well as just “parts” (TOTALLY NOT SUITABLE FOR THE WORKPLACE!!!)

We’re at a loss for words.

Not Real...not that you care

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From the Beeb:

Downing Street and the White House are believed to be looking at options for the visit.

Mr. Trump accepted the Queen’s invitation for him to travel to Britain on a state visit when UK PM Theresa May visited Washington in January.

But the prospect of a state visit caused much controversy and reportedly led Mr. Trump to change his mind.

It was said he did not want to visit while there was potential for protests against him.

Nearly two million people signed one of a number of petitions saying Mr. Trump should not be invited to the UK on a state visit.

Sweet Jeebus, what a fuckin’ snowflake; if he’s not going to visit a country where folks protest his “presidency”, he’s not going to travel much at all.

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Donald Jr, amiright?

What was that quote? Oh, right: “The kids who need the most love will ask for it in the most unloving of ways.”

Or as Andy Borowitz put it: BREAKING: In Major Demotion, Donald Trump Jr. Will Now Report to Tiffany Trump.

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The following is mostly for Kansas City’s Most Loved Russian, who, under the guise of purchasing cheap tickets to Scotland, is slowly winding his way back to Moscow lest his part in the imploding Russian election hack becomes public knowledge…

Kopter Express

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Below is exactly why OMP is looking to kill the CFPB:

In roughly 240 days from now, banks and other financial companies will no longer be allowed to prohibit customers from banding together in class-action lawsuits through the use of binding arbitration clauses, as the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau today released a long-awaited finalized rule on arbitration.

The 775-page rule [PDF] doesn’t ban the use of forced arbitration clauses outright, but it dictates when financial institutions, lenders, and others can use the provisions and creates specific language to be included in consumer contracts.

…The most troubling aspect of arbitration clauses is the fact they almost universally contain bans on class actions. This means that if several customers are all wronged by a bank in the same way, they must each go through the arbitration process individually.

To make matters worse, arbitration rulings are final, even when the arbitrator made an error that would have changed the outcome. In some instances, the arbitrator doesn’t even give a reason for their decision — just a simple ruling in favor of one party.

…Instead, affected companies can still use arbitration rules in their contracts with individual customers, but they can not use these clauses to stop consumers from being part of a group action.
The rule includes specific language that companies must use if they include an arbitration clause in a new contract.

The rule, which will take effect 60 days after it is published in the Federal Register and become enforceable after 241 days, does not apply to all consumer contracts. For instance, the CFPB notes that existing accounts are not subject to the arbitration ban.

…In addition to prohibiting certain uses of forced arbitration, the CFPB’s rule aims to make the arbitration process more transparent.

Because companies claim that arbitration actually benefits consumers, these businesses will be required to provide information to the CFPB regarding the number of arbitration claims that are filed against it and details on the awards provided to consumers who arbitrate.

The information such as initial claims, counterclaims, answers to claims, and awards issued in arbitration must be submitted to the CFPB with customer information redacted. The Bureau intends to publish these redacted materials on its website beginning in July 2019.

By gathering this data the CFPB says it will be enabled to better understand and monitor arbitration, including whether the process itself is fair.

In other words, the CFPB is living up to its mission – protecting consumers.

So of course the ReThugs are having conniptions: There should never be any accountability of big business.

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Best headline of the past week:

Martin Shkreli Will Not Shut The Fuck Up!

Sometimes Wonkette just nails it.

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Meanwhile, back at the fort White House…

While Donald Jr talks himself into ever deeper waters, it now appears that Jared Kushner tried a bit of the old Krysha on Qatar, seeking a half billion dollar “investment” from a Qatari billionaire.

The Qatari businessman refused, whereupon (shortly afterwards) OMP publicly denounced the tiny nation of Qatar, sending them into a crisis and crashing the Qatari stock market.

Brighton Beach extortion, to put it bluntly. It’s as if the White House is run by the mob.

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And finally, believe it or not you can now drink coffee from a horn.

Though why anyone would want to…

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