da Queen

The Independent UK recently revealed that Queen Elizabeth II is a fan of a daily tipple, so much so that she indulges in six standard units of alcohol a day.

“The Queen’s cousin Margaret Rhodes says that her drinking routine never deviates, remaining the same day after day. As to what the Queen indulges in, it involves the following: prior to lunch she has a gin and Dubonnet, served with a slice of lemon and ice. During lunch she enjoys a glass of wine and, once evening arrives, the Queen sips on a dry martini, followed by a glass of Champagne.”

Hmmm…by our count that means a couple of doubles or a really full glass of wine. Good for her.

Please, Madame, have your gentle county folk reconsider their desire to keep OMP from visiting the isle. Perhaps you could give him a personally guided tour of the dungeons?
You know, for a “taste of the good stuff.”

We’d appreciate it. 1

da Queen

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  1. If you think about it, could you extend the same “courtesy” to Newt “Jabba” Gingrich? For some reason he has recently decided to crawl out of his hole and annoy..well, everybody. Thanks in advance.

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