Au Courant

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And fianlly, the art of Japanese life:

Au Courant

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  1. This behind a paywall, so…”Posts including the Chinese name of the fictional bear were censored on Sina Weibo, ChinaTwitter-like platform, over the weekend, while a collection of animated gifs featuring the bear were removed from social messaging app WeChat. While no official explanation was given, observers suggested the crackdown was related to previous comparisons of President Xi Jinping with the portly bear created by the English author AA Milne that went viral. The ban is the latest escalation of online censorship in the run-up to this autumn’s Communist party congress, where key political appointments will be announced.”
  2. Pierce nails it, of course.
    However the idiot that came up with the headline should be shot: WHile Spicey was nothing special to look at, Sarah Huckabee Sanders is — to be fair and impartial about it– like looking at 40 miles of grim road. And to say she’ll be “smoother” is wishful thinking at best; the woman is southern-fried combative.
  3. If you’re not guilty, why do you need immunity pardons?
  4. Have to disagree with their #1 choice, but am guessing that’s just my age – would have picked The Maltese Falcon.

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