The Traitors Coats and Rogers

We briefly mentioned the traitors Coats & Rogers the other day; Congress called on them to testify, in their capacity as national security SMEs, regarding whether OMP requested they betray their country in order to crush public knowledge of OMP‘s (putative) treason.

Their response? They found those questions “too inappropriate” to answer.

Again, imagine for a moment the clamor from the ReThugs had Clinton told the Benghazi committee that a question was “too inappropriate” to answer.

So, no real answers from these cretins, right?

Not so much; had either of these traitors been able to honestly respond that OMP had not attempted to induce them into either perjury or obstruction of justice, we would have heard about it, loudly, resentfully and at length. Which means they have made a calculated decision to avoid, at all costs, lying in public. They had adopted this strategy because because they know the truth will inevitably leak out (e.g., see Nixon.) But they can’t tell the truth themselves ’cause…PROSECUTION!

This whole administration is built on lies and on lies it will fail.

The Traitors Coats and Rogers

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