The War on Drugs

We’ve long claimed the death and destruction caused by the war on drugs could be pared down to a bare minimum by 1.) legalizing drugs, and 2.) the government stepping in to manage the drug marketplace. That, of course, is not something our thoroughly corrupt political class wants to hear; they’re all pretty much making a financial killing the way things stand, and all that bribe/hush money would disappear were we to come to our senses.

Though it doesn’t get much play by the MSM, others tend to agree…

In an interview with The Independent, Rolles, who has previously served as an adviser to the Global Commission on Drugs, argues that the “most striking thing about the war on drugs is its spectacular failings on its own terms”.

He says the idea behind the policy was to eradicate drugs from the globe in order to create a drug-free world by 2008, with the official slogan of the 1998 UN conference on the world drug problem being: “A Drug-Free World: We Can Do It.”

“Not only did that not happen but actually things continued to get worse so drug markets were founded, prevalence increased and all the problems related to drug use and illegal drug markets increased as well,” Rolles says. “For a policy that is specifically trying to eradicate drugs from the world, it has overseen the most rapid expansion of drug use in human history.”

The policy has instead backfired, he points out, leading to the creation of an “enormous illegal market where hundreds of billions every year are controlled by violent gangsters. So we have all of this crime and violence, both on UK city streets and around the world, which is fuelled by the illegal drug trade. We don’t have those issues with legal drugs. We don’t have tobacconists gunning each other down in the streets. All the problems associated with the vast illegal drug trade are essentially a result of prohibition.”

Instead of protecting the health of the public, the war on drugs has made drugs more dangerous, Rolles maintains. “It’s not deterring youth. It’s not preventing availability of access to drugs. It’s actually making drugs more dangerous.

“All drugs are fundamentally risky but when they’re produced and supplied through an illegal market they become more risky. People don’t know how strong they are, people don’t know what’s in them, their potency can vary wildly. All of the things that that the war on drugs is supposedly achieving in terms of protecting our health or protecting us from crime, it’s actually doing the opposite.” 1

Samatha Bee’s take on the subject…

The War on Drugs

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  1. One of the very few unqualified “good” bits Comey revealed yesterday may put paid to Sessions as AG. Though, if true, there’s nothing to stop OMP from naming someone far worse in his stead, as seems to be his pattern.

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