Ketamine Pigeon

Customs officials in Kuwait have apprehended a pigeon carrying drugs in a miniature backpack, Kuwaiti newspaper al-Rai reports. A total of 178 pills were found in the fabric pocket attached to its back.

The bird was caught near the customs building in Abdali, close to the border with Iraq.

An al-Rai journalist said the drugs were a form of ketamine, an anaesthetic (sic) also used as an illegal party drug. 1

Abdullah Fahmi told the BBC that customs officials already knew pigeons were being used to smuggle drugs, but this was the first time they had caught a bird in the act.

Filing this one under felony stupid; homing pigeons usually know only a couple of places to go, and then where to return.

It’s that return part that’s problematic…

Ketamine Pigeon

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  1. Mater recently took a spill that caused her to reach out with right arm to break her fall. Instead she broke both her radius and ulna at the wrist, with the radius nearly bulging nearly through her skin. At the ER they offered her the choice of a local or ketamine while they reset the bones; she chose the trip and had no memory when she “came to” of how we came to be in the ER, much less why she had a splint on her left arm.

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