Fuck Steve Scalise

Rep. Steve Scalise was shot just a while ago; at this writing it is unclear how serious his injuries may be.

We extend our sincere sympathies toward his family.

Having said that, fuck Rep. Steve Scalise.

The Congressman, who is so dim as to have once “accidentally” attended a Klan rally, receives an A+ rating from the NRA. He most certainly will be [could have been] counted on to help pass the latest Congressional piece of shit, the Hearing Protection Act of 2017, which –despite your first and obvious thought– is NOT about hearing aids, but rather will relax restrictions on firearm silencers.

That’s right, Scalise has consistently enabled legislation making it easier for whatever asshole shot (and possibly killed 1) him today to go out and purchase whatever weapon tickled his fancy. We would say that Eiron is chortling even now, but the sad truth is that America has long ago moved past irony regarding its lunatic love affair with guns.

Again, we feel for Scalise’s family but can not help but wonder if his wife is having a Clytemnestra moment.

“By the sword you did your work, and by the sword you die.”

Yep – fuck Steve Scalise.

Fuck Steve Scalise

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  1. Even should the representative survive, his life –not to mention his family’s– will be forever altered in ways he can not yet imagine.

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  1. When the suppressors are as easy to purchase as firearms shootings wil multiply ten fold. Think about all the idiots shooting ar15s suppressed out a back window at a squirrel. They will think they can get away with it due to report not being as loud. Then when shooters start shooting up parks the fast identification of the shooter will no longer be possible allowing more casualties. Suppressors are legal. They are a pain to get. They need to stay that way because the people that own them respect the hassle. I personally hope republicans pass the law. Can’t wait to see the carnage that unfolds. I just pray that Jesus makes sure the only victims of the guaranteed climb in shooting recipients as a result of the law change are relatives, friends, and family of the lawmakers. Not people who support common sense regulations. You want hearing protection, buy it. I waited seven months for mine. And I sure as shit respect what added damage can be done ( with the suppressor, making identification more difficult) and make sure to maintain 100 percent accountability of it. Or at least try to.

  2. I just pray that Jesus makes sure the only victims of the guaranteed climb in shooting recipients as a result of the law change are relatives, friends, and family of the lawmakers. Not people who support common sense regulations.

    The crux of the biscuit is the apostrophe, isn’t it? Any relaxation of current (gun/etc)regulations will drive up deaths, the inane blandishments of Congress aside; there is no way to make intent reality because reality cares nothing for intent.

    1. Any relaxation?

      The bulk of the population of the USA now lives under “shall-issue” concealed-carry laws. Meanwhile, aside from a few zones infested by violent turd-world peoples and de-policed because they felt “oppressed” by having to follow the same laws everyone else does, crime is down. Even murder is down.

      Criminals don’t follow laws. If they want a suppressor, they’ll get one. They’re low-tech stuff and easy to make. The NFA only affects the law-abiding. It’s an exercise of power over the proles, not the crooks.

      And that’s what you’re after. Power.

      1. Power? Get real – your guns don’t give you power, certainly not enough to seriously contest even our National Guard or Reserves, much less the active services themselves. So removing guns from the citizenry would not give the Feds any more significant power over you/us. It would just make every American safer.

        No, the issue is one of intelligence (or lack thereof), a bad SCOTUS decision (as quoted by several former Supremes) and many male American’s fetish with weaponry; too many people in this country figure stupidity is the only thing that will combat stupidity.

        Several western style democracies work quite well by banning all firearms – that’s not even in debate; the ongoing statistics prove it out year after year. But still you hear people like yourself spouting the following ‘reasoning’: The only solution to gun violence is more guns; like when sharks attack, you start carrying around a shark yourself to stop other sharks…

        Like I say, get real.

  3. I just wonder if the opinion of these men will change now that it’s their friends being harmed by the legislation they prostitute themselves for. The nra is already in damage control mode.
    My dog asked me the meaning of life and I told him that when Anglos kill people it’s normal, when people with dark skin kill it’s terror. Sadly it will take more lawmakers being hurt before lawmakers realize they are just like us. They are no more important than we the people. I still haven’t heard the names of the other victims mentioned.

    1. Doubt Congress will change their tune. It’s more likely the president will ask for, and easily get, more draconian laws that violate American’s privacy and due process rights: Guns are too sacrosanct in this country to do the right thing.

      It’s so bad we gave up commenting on every mass shooting and now just post a template. Americans seem uniquely self-destructive.

      The names of the other victims are available this morning. Of note is a lobbyist for Tyson Chicken was seriously injured. My feelings on that aren’t at all complicated.

  4. Oh Lord – thank you for this. I am so over prescribed-by-propriety crocodile tears about miscreants and morons like Scalise coming to an unsavory end. The man is an unreconstructed racist, whose only legislative innovations come at the expense of voting rights, people of color, the poor, women, and as many other under represented victims as he can possibly put in his sights. This is not some random shooting casualty – this man decided to become a professional victimizer and advance the cause of proliferating gun ownership, and now he is a victim of his own stupidity. I couldn’t give a shit.

    1. As we write Scalise is in critical condition, but alive.

      We do not endorse violence; it is all too often the first resort of intelligence-limited individuals.

      But we would note that in third-world banana shitholes across the globe ruled by dictators and jackbooted authoritarians that run roughshod over their own citizenry, cutting off basic services, denying them basic human rights and for the most part treating them like chattel, violence is not only inevitable, often it’s the only option.

  5. Pfft, gun policy is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the train wreck of Scalise’s policy positions. If there was ever a guy who proved that it’s time for guillotines, it’s Steve Scalise. I’ve been saying for years that these random acts of violence perpetrated against innocent yokels is a complete waste of crazy. Personally, I’m glad to see crazy pointed in the right direction for once. And, for the record, I am NOT crazy, and I have zero penchant for violence myself. Neither am I calling for further violence. All I’m saying is, “better congress than Sandy Hook.”

    1. Agree with your view on Scalise; he’s so retrograde he probably has a custom-fitted white sheet in his hall closet. But, yes – rather Congress on the bleeding edge than literally anyone else.

      Not that it will change the hard core white christian neo-Confederates’ minds; there’ s just no reasoning with them. Which will prove, I surmise, rather unfortunate for all of us down the road; there’s only so much talking people are willing to do before they take matters into their own hands. And relying on the indentured serf class (that includes ALL the armed services) to protect you is a fool’s errand…

      Nothing lasts forever.

  6. Look first of all, I abhor violence of any kind, but I was actually gunned down by and unstable lunatic 18 years ago. I survived but I’m paralyzed in a wheelchair. It was very famous event. What did the NRA do then? Well they had a rally thee of course. Gun laws didn’t Change then and they’ve never changed, obama never took away the right to bear arms as the fanstasy goes forever. I’m not even against the idea of guns but currently it’s practically a free for for all, and that’s where scalise comes in, scalise has done everything in his power to make sure lunatics have as easy access to guns as humanly possibly. And then he gets shot by a lunatic who took advantage of the ridiculously lax laws in the first place. Am I really supposed to feel thta sorry for Him? There’s sympathy in there somewhere but it will evaporate the instant he continues the important work of being the Nras handmaiden. Hopefully this we’ll give him change of heart but I wouldn’t hold my breath. His career is built on NRA blood money and the. It literally blew up in his face. Too bad he didn’t have a bullet lodged in his spinal cord, then he’d real get fool effect of his myopic stupidity.

    1. Our sympathies for your plight.

      We fully understand your antipathy toward Rep. Scalise and his ilk; we are simpatico. And the fact that Congress stated (after playing their annual ball game) that they promised (as though that MEANT something) to “tone down the rhetoric”, as if that and that alone was responsible for gun violence, bespeaks a cruelly casual indifference to America’s plight. Worse, it was all but a tacit promise to never, ever do anything about the gun-violence epidemic in this country.

      It’s almost as though Congress would rather we shoot ourselves to death than hold them responsible for their jobs.

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