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June 14, 20107
Generalissimo/What the fuck ever,

The problem with America is libtards like you. Fuck Steve Scalise? A decent congressman is shot while playing baseball and all you can say is fuck him? Your disgusting people like Steve Scalise are always working for your rights to print ugly shit on your piece of shit blog and you just kick them when there down. Fuck You!

You ought to get the fuck off of slandering Trump on your little blog too. He’s doing great work for the country and people like you are just too liberalized to see this is what the people want and the country needs. if you don’t like it you should go live in some fucktard country like Austria with the kangeroos. Trump was elected BY THE PEOPLE! And hes hear to stay and will win in 2020. Just fuck off and don’t let the door hit ya in the ass on your way out.

K. Wright
Redondo Beach, California

Dear K.

Let us start with one of your assertions: “Trump was elected BY THE PEOPLE!

That is not anywhere close to being true; the Clinton/Kaine ticket garnered 65,844,969 votes, or 48.3% of the vote, while the Trump/Pence ticket only gathered in 62,979,984 total votes, or 46.2% of the vote. As has been widely reported…well…EVERYWHERE, this means 2,864,985 more Americans voted for Clinton/Kaine than Trump/Pence.

The American people voted for Clinton.

As for Steve Scalise, yes, we could care less that he was hoisted on his own semi-automatic petard.

He, along with his fellow travelers in Congress, directly enabled Hodgkinson’s (and many, many, many others’) ability to calmly gun anyone down, to include Congressmen. In more ways than one, a fact us ‘libtards’ have warned of and argued against for decades. That Scalise and his fellow assholes continued to carry the NRA’s handbasket to hell is on them.

Best Regards,
All of Us

Fan Mail From Some Flounder

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