Well We\’re Movin\ On Up

Have you ever wondered what would happen if a ‘Cinemax After Dark’ special, a James Bond movie, the Guy On Hollywood Boulevard Whose Whole Body Is Covered In Gold Paint, and the gnawing emptiness of late-stage capitalism screwed in the backseat of a very high-end car and then gave birth to a three-minute Red Band trailer for, um, a house? Well, WONDER NO MORE, for this has happened {NSFW}:

Yes, the above is a “trailer” for Opus, a $100 million “state of the art dream home” currently for sale in Los Angeles. We “wanted to do something really high art,” a spokesperson for the home told LAist in reference to the short film. The house has Roberto Cavalli flooring, a 15-seat curved screen theater with JBL Synthesis Audio, two massive bars—one of which has a “Winestation” that preserves and dispenses glasses with the exact amount and temperature desired—a gourmet show kitchen with an iPad-controlled coffee machine, Longhi doors in suede and embossed leather, and a separate catering/event kitchen.

It make sense; Who in their right mind would even consider buying a house without it’s own introductory film? 1

Well We're Movin' On Up

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  1. This is just to over the top; expect to see Craig’s List knockoff films soon. Finally! We’ll have something with which to replace that damned Hitler-clip meme.

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