Heights and Windmills

OMP is notoriously afraid of heights. 1 More specifically, stairs and slopes give him the heebie-jeebies. So it’s no wonder the coward bailed on a speech at Israel’s Masada Mountain.

US President Donald Trump reportedly canceled a visit and speech at the historic Masada desert fortress after the Israel Air Force informed him he would not be allowed to land his helicopter at the UNESCO-listed archaeological site.

Trump subsequently removed Masada from his itinerary altogether, rather than taking the cable car to the top of the iconic mountain as had been suggested to him, Channel 2 reported.

He is set to deliver the major address of his Israel trip at Jerusalem’s Israel Museum instead.

And so OMP‘s Foreign Embarrassment Tour continues well…NOT upward, but onward.

Sweet Jebus H. Ke-rist, what an infant.

Heights and Windmills

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  1. The idiot is also afraid of windmills and, so it goes, Mexican music.

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