Stupid CNN

Since the freaky fast hold-up of sandwich purveyor Jimmy John’s this past Wednesday —nearly 3 whole days ago— this image from the KC Star has been posted to their and many other news organization’s web sites. The video, from which the image was captured, has played ceaselessly on every local news channel.

KCPD quickly identified the man as Terry K. Rayford, 54, who will face at least one count; being a felon in possession of a firearm. 1

It’s a done deal: Rayford couldn’t have made it any easier to identify and convict himself if he had left a trail of fresh-baked bread crumbs all the way back to the stoop of his abode, then left the door wide open.

So it was with some puzzlement we ran across the below image on CNN‘s web site less than 10 minutes ago…


Does Rayford have a relative at CNN so humiliated by his behavior they felt the need to hide his face? Or did a CNN copy editor make a judgement call that the asshole pointing a gun at the clerk’s head might not be guilty of anything other than being in a foul mood?

Stupid CNN; and they wonder why people distrust them…

Stupid CNN

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  1. Not to mention the axiomatic count of felony stupid.

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