The Wall

Wednesday marks the deadline for the hundreds of companies interested in building Donald Trump’s signature campaign promise – a “great, great wall” on the US-Mexico border – to submit concept papers detailing their proposals.

It is the first step in a process that promises to combine three of Trump’s most successful ventures: beauty pageants, reality TV competitions and xenophobia.

After an initial elimination round, the remaining contestants will submit more detailed technical proposals. Another round of cuts will ensue, and then a group of finalists will convene in San Diego, California, to construct both a 30ft-long prototype of their design and a 10ft by 10ft “mock-up” that will be used by the government to “test and evaluate the anti-destruct characteristics” of the design.

That’s right, as even the illegal aliens on Mars know OMP intends to build a wall between the USA and Mexico, said nation not only populated by some of the friendliest people on the planet, but among other things is also graced with long stretches of sandy beaches, a magnificent tropical interior region, not to mention our primary source for wonderful and cheap cheap tequila and the absolute best place to celebrate Dia de los Muertos. 1

Why, you ask? Because…bigotry!

OMP has also said that he wants “the north side (of The Wall) to look good.”

Looks good” certainly leaves a lot of scootch room.

So we emailed, messaged and otherwise pestered artists of our acquaintance, artists we barely know, and artists we never have & never will meet 2 to posit exactly what a good looking border wall might mean to OMP. Herewith (in order received) follow the results…

The Wall

John Takami Morita –

“The Trump Wall isolating America would look like a Huge Coffin. It would be six feet deep from border to border, with barbed wire fences of radioactive concrete in the silhouette of our US Feuher ……..”

Henri J. Doner-Hedrick

“Gold plated…spell out his name . . call it the Trump Wall”

Pascal Witaszek

“I’m not a specialist of american politics, so I only can have a French point of view. The only good looking border wall, electrified and very high, should probably stand now around the White House. It’s important for American people to be protected from the stupidity of the guy inside !”

Tyler Galloway –

“As a graphic designer, I am obliged to consider fundamental compositional principles such as “center of interest” and “figure/ground relationships” and the like. Herr Trump should consider a border wall that “looks good” to have both of the aforementioned qualities, most easily achieved in a single element known as the circle. Seen as a symbol of unity for our powerful nation, large circles (perhaps three feet in diameter) cut into a large, unending cement wall would provide the occasional center of interest in an otherwise uninterrupted field of gray while providing a strong sense of figure/ground relationship. To push the aesthetic sensibility further, circle sizes could be differentiated from 6″ diameter (hand/arm sized) to upwards of 10′ in diameter (vehicle size). beyond having a wall that “looks good”, is the functional advantage of swamp drainage from D.C. through to Mexico.”

(Ed.’s Note: This post will be updated as more responses trickle in; looking at YOU, banksy!)

The Wall

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